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Introduction: Do Not Touch Tricks // ReelHeat

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Try to solve the tricks before knowing the solutions!

Step 1: Remove the Coin Without Touching the Match on Top

The Setup :

To set up the trick, grab a box of matches and remove two matches. Stand the match box on its side. Insert one match between the insert and the box cover to hold it in place, so that it stands straight up. Place a coin on top of the match box. With the second match, place the end of it on top of the coin and the head of the match against the head of the match standing straight up.

The Question :

How do you remove the coin without touching the match on top of the coin?

The Solution :

Remove a third match from another match box. Light the match, then use it to light right before the head of the match which is on the coin. The two heads of the match will join, lifting the match on top of the coin to release the imprisoned coin!

Step 2: Remove the Dollar Bill Without Touching the Bottle

The Setup :

Place a dollar bill on a table.Then place a glass bottle upside down on top of the dollar bill. *Note - a glass bottle works better than a plastic one because of the weight.

The Question :

How do you remove the dollar bill without touching the glass bottle?

The Solution :

Make sure you placed the dollar bill on a sturdy table. Now place one hand on the dollar bill and with the other hand make a fist. The closed hand is going to slam on the table causing a small vibration big enough for you to slide the dollar bill to freedom! *Note - There's no need to raise your closed hand high into the air but rather short bursts of energy is needed. Start light and build up so the glass bottle doesn't tip over.

Step 3: Make a Soda Can Jump Into Another Cup

The Setup :

Get two plastic cups big enough to hold an empty soda can. Place the empty soda can upside down into one of the cups.

The Question :

How do you make the empty soda can go from one cup to another without touching the soda can?

The Solution :

This is going to take a while depending how far apart the plastic cups are from each other, but oh so satisfying when you nail it! Get your face close to the cup containing the soda can. Take a deep breath and blow in the plastic cup. The air will catapult the empty soda can into the air and land into the other cup!

Step 4: Remove the Dollar Bill Without Touching the Coins

The Setup :

Place a glass bottle on a table. Take a dollar bill and put it on top of the bottle. On top of the dollar bill put about four quarters to sandwich the dollar between the coins and bottle.

The Question :

How do you remove the dollar bill without touching the coins or bottle?

The Solution :

Look within yourself to ready your kung fu style! With a fast stroke using your index and middle finger, strike down on the dollar bill sticking out and earn yourself a dollar for your years of practicing kung fu!

Step 5: Move the Marble Into a Cup Without Touching It

The Setup :

Place a wine glass upside down and a short glass cup on a table. In the middle of the glasses place a marble.

The Question :

How can you place the marble into the short glass cup without touching it?

The Solution :

Using the upside down wine glass, place it over the marble. Swirl the wine glass so the marble starts to spin within the glass. Now all you have to do is just keep swirling just keep swirling (Dory's Voice) to lift the marble and place it into the short cup!

Step 6: Remove the Twenty Dollar Bill Without Touching the Match

The Setup :

Go ahead and place two glass cups upside down on the table. Under one of the cups place a twenty dollar bill. Then take a single match and situate it so it is being held by the two glasses.

The Question :

How do you remove the twenty dollar bill without touching the match and having the match fall to the ground?

The Solution :

Before you place the match between the glasses, you need to do a little pre game. To make this work, you have to flatten the head of the match so there is more surface connection between the match and glass. Take another match and light it. Light the match between the two glasses right before the head of the match. The match will stick to the glass and now you can lift the cup to earn a hefty twenty dollar bill!

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