Christmas is celebrated everywhere in the world, and so in Fiji. Fiji is a multicultural country with all races blooming about. Fijian celebrate Christmas in their own way and so do Indo-Fijians. Members go out to church and sing songs and cheer, mothers prepare feasts at home for their families and most importantly the tasty feast of Lovo. Lovo is a term given to food cooked in earth oven, on hot stones . The delicacy starts from garlic and spice filled chicken, Sauced mutton, Palusami (Tin mutton mixed with spices and wrapped in Dalo leaves, then cooked in coconut cream.) , Fish, Pork, Beef , Casava, Dalo and a load full of other tasty treats. In this instructable i show you how to make Lovo and share it with your friends and family the Fijian way.

Step 1: The Pit

First of all you need to dig a hole , that's the oven you need to cook in. You have to dig a hole 1 meter by 1 meter and about half meter deep. It doesn't really matter because the more the food you have the bigger you need it to be. Then put in in some big stones around inside (Note: Don't put one on top of the other.) Then get some firewood or sticks and set them in with equal spreading. Once you have it all set light it up with Kerosene or whatever you want , the fire would need to be lit till the woods turn in to charcoal.
<p>Easier way of doing this, use cut pieces of hard wood, set on fire use firelighters and old news papers, once fully alight, throw in solid house bricks or proper stones, the wood turns into hot red coal,use spade to line up the bricks, place food stuff wrapped in alum foils or banana leaves, place in chicken wire wrapped(easy to remove once done) Use wet potato sacks, cover the food with the sack, than cover with soil. Do not allow smoke to escape, depending on heat and smoke, 3 hours you done-Keep hand gloves handy.Remember food is cooked in smoke and heat&amp; care do not let soil enter the foil</p>
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Hey, that's great. We were in New Guinea when our kids were little. We did a big "lovo" (although there it's called "mumu") like that for their second birthdays, and gave them their first haircuts.
Cool. It's really tasty we always make lovo every Christmas and on New years, its really a fun thing to do and also great to eat. so please rate me for the competition. thanks.
Wow, what a nice feast, I've heard of cooking in an earth oven but have never seen it , thanks for showing us how it's done
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