Introduction: Do Your Own Star Trek Sweat Shirt !

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If you are fan of Star Trek this instructable is for you !!!! 

You will find here a good way to build a stencil and create a hand on a sweat shirt and when you open the zip Live long qnd Prosper appears! :)

FOR STAR TREK FAN : Sorry, Let's notice this fail as normally the thumb have to be separate from the hand !!! ;)

And for person which don't have the time to do it as I saw the idea previously, you can get it here :

Be fair, but share :)

Step 1: Illustrator File and Jpeg File

Picture of Illustrator File and Jpeg File

Just download the illustrator file for the hand source or download the 3 jpeg

Step 2: Create Your Stencil

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It is the most difficult part of this project !

I took a thin wood sheet and I directly cut in it !

It is a 2 parts stencil.

Step 3: Let's Try the Stencil

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I try my stencil on a random surface to see the result and it looks good :)

Step 4: Print on the Sweat Shirt!

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You just need a regular sweatshirt.

Then I put over it the stencil.

I painted it with a spray but forgot this option and relace it with proper fabric paint.

And finally let it dry few minutes and it is done :)

Step 5: Live Long and Prosper

Picture of Live Long and Prosper

That's all

Have fun :)


noahspurrier (author)2012-05-06

Jeez, you're doing it wrong!!! The thumb is supposed to be extended. Trek fail...

AidanC2 (author)noahspurrier2015-05-24

I've never noticed that before, but you're right!

lpxav (author)noahspurrier2012-05-06

Oops !!! I can't be forgive for this huge mistake!
Thank you for this information! :)
I am puting it in the first step explanation :)

CrystalB01 (author)2014-01-02

Going to make this for my dad he loves star trek! GREAT INSTRUCTABLE! :)

awesomecreations (author)2013-01-22

Whoah! I remember playing that game!

MicioGatta (author)2013-01-03


Joyce000 (author)2012-06-05

Wow, really creative idea!
I'm gonna have a try tomorrow. Hope I wouldn't mess it up, lol.

personalized T-Shirts

akrenvalk (author)2012-05-27

I should advise utility open/read/scan and repair .ai and .eps files

applesforjonah (author)2012-05-06

This is a great DIY tutorial, but I also think it's important to recognize that this idea has been also been done on Threadless. I'm not attempting to comment on originality or anything, just thought I would state that someone else has a similar idea.
The other zipper hoodie idea can be seen here:,guys/style,zipup

Ha! They also got it wrong with the thumb in the wrong position.

lpxav (author)applesforjonah2012-05-06

Yes, you qre right it is good to mention it! it is the original idea :) but now you can do it by yourself :)

Sorry for the "has been also been done". I should have checked my grammar. Cheers!

lpxav (author)2012-05-07


noahspurrier (author)lpxav2012-05-07

Nice try. You mother must have been an Andorian. If you're going to try to cheat by faking a photo you might have picked a shot that didn't come from "Amok Time", the most famous of all episodes featuring Vulcans. But your photoshop failure is both ironic and fitting since "Amok Time" was the episode that introduced the Vulcan salute as well as "Live Long and Prosper".

Treknology (author)noahspurrier2012-05-06

Wow, someone more Trekkie than I! I'm fairly sure I've seen the "vulcan sign" with thumb outstretched and and closed as in this 'ible. Nimoy made it up on the spot, based on something Jewish in his background.

noahspurrier (author)Treknology2012-05-07

Ha! Show me a picture of a Vulcan doing the Vulcan salute with their thumb retracted and I'll buy you a Romulan ale. (It has to be a canon Vulcan, not just some ignorant dork with rubber ears at a nerdy Trek convention).

Dif tor heh smusma.

bhan1 (author)2012-05-06

That's a great idea. I love it! I noticed that if the sweatshirt is zipped completely, you have the Hand of Buddha.

lpxav (author)bhan12012-05-06

Good to know!!
I will do it on a Tshirt :)

drwebster (author)2012-05-06

as for me 'good job" love it

oracle2790 (author)2012-05-06

I have to agree with applesforjonah, you are voilating someone's intellectual property rights as this is not even inspired by the threadless design but a blatent copy. You should consider removing this instructable before it is ordered to be removed.

dtownmaker (author)2012-05-06

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in quite some time! Bravissimo!

poofrabbit (author)2012-05-04

Oh I love this, putting it on the zipper was brilliant! Very very nice job!

foobear (author)2012-05-03


rilokiley77 (author)2012-05-02

Perfect birthday gift for my sister. Thank you!

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