Introduction: DoItYourself Galaxy Shoes

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Don't miss out on these great shoes that are full of style and chicness! They are EASY to do and super fun to make!

Step 1: What You Will Need:

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-Plain White Shoes

-Acrylic Paint (galaxy colors)

-Plastic Bag (To protect your work space from the mess!)

-Paint sponges

-Unwanted Toothbrush

-Masking Tape


Step 2: Tape!

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Tape the sides of your shoes so you don't get any paint on the rubber, this makes it easier to handle and clean in the end. Also take out your shoelaces and inside padding.

Step 3: Paint!

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Dab paint all around your shoe. Make sure that the colors look like they are naturally fading. For example, Dark Blue goes Blue to Light Blue to Light Pink to Light Purple to Dark Purple to Dark Blue again. When you are done, blend it in well. I used a little bit of water and some of the lighter shades to really blend it.

Step 4: Stars!

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Take your brush, tip it into the white paint and dab at the plastic a little so it isn't overwhelmed with paint. Start flicking the bristles towards the shoe until you get the effect you want.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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Step 6: Check Out My DIY Video!


pfisk3 (author)2014-08-06

Great instructable! Perfect project for tonight (:

crazylam15 (author)2014-07-06

I'm making it as soon as i can get a pair of shoes

hwiebe (author)2014-06-05

I'm a guy... Size 13 feet... It's IMPOSSIBLE to find canvas shoes for me -.-

amandajane95 (author)2014-06-04

lovee it

rahiimichairani (author)2014-05-31

That's so cool. I love it <3

doodlecraft (author)2014-05-30

Ooooh! I am totally in a galaxy mood--this is perfect!

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