I like to think that Back to The Future's Doc Brown would have a security briefcase of his own design, instead of a combination lock, it would only open at 88MPH

I used the Mediatek Linkit One board and an old briefcase to make my own version.

This project is undoubtedly silly, but through it I will describe how to use the Linkit One's GPS to determine speed as well as how to display it on a seven segment display.

The locking mechanism is driven by a servo, also controlled by the Linkit One.

Step 1: Parts Required

  • Mediatek LinkIt One
  • Servo (I used a Corona DS-239MG Digital Slim Wing Servo)
  • Battery (inlcuded with Linkit One)
  • GPS antenna (inlcuded with Linkit One)
  • A case of some sort
  • 2 seven segment displays
  • A switch or button
  • 2 Shift Registers (74HC595)
  • Bits of wire
  • Protoboard/Perfboard
<p>Will it work inside the car without &quot;view&quot; to the satellites? Have you tested this for real?</p>
The LinkIt One GPS antenna actually seems to work really nicely, I got a fix with it sitting on my windowsill at home. I will be doing a video shortly of it working in my car (although I may have to cheat the code a bit to get to 88MPH... my 19 year old Jetta is no DeLorean ;-)
<p>Hahaha this is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing your BTTF briefcase! </p>

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