Dock for T-mobile MDA or 8125 (Wizard)


Introduction: Dock for T-mobile MDA or 8125 (Wizard)

A simple dock for T-mo MDA (aka HTC Wizard). Made completely from cardboard and a spare USB to mini USB wire. I wanted a dock but couldn't afford it right now so I had an idea of making it myself. It was a spontanious project that was fun and completely usable. I think it looks decent apart from the glue marks but it works great and lets the MDA stand vertically as its being charged/synced. It's not very difficult to make so anyone can try if interested.

Step 1: Find the Right Cardboard

This may be the most difficult step. Finding the right cardboard is important because it forms the base of the unit. I found the tube of cardboard (rectangle in shape) from a new washing machine box. It was used as a support or something. It is very thick and I had a bit of trouble cutting it with a swiss army knife. But it gives the whole unit stability and holds everything together. As you can see the sides are curved and it it gave the dock a bit of character.

I used about 2 3/4" length of the cardboard.

Step 2: USB Wire

I used a spare usb to mini usb wire. First put the mini usb part through a few layers of cardboard and glueing it in place and then placing the whole thing inside and at the bottom of the dock.

Sorry I dont have pictures of this. If people are interested, let me know and I'll try to take it apart and take more pictures.

Step 3: Sides

Again, I don't have pictures of this since everything is glued together already. Sorry. But all I did was cut a piece of flat cardboard paper the same shape as the sides and glued it together. Also at the top where the mini usb is sticking out, theres another flat cardboard paper glued in place.

Step 4: Finished

I don't think the pictures do justice. True, It looks a bit messy with dark blothes from the glue in the corners but normally it doesn't look too bad. I do admit though, I was a little too generous with the glue.

I used super glue in all areas but I suppose you can use any kind of glue that bonds paper well.

Again, if there's interest in people, I'll try to take more picures or show more steps to instruct. It was a spontanious project and it only took about 2 hours. Unfortunately, I had the idea of putting it up on here after the whole thing was finished.



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    GREAT IDEA IN THEORY BUT............ this broke my MDA!!!!! thanx for this instructable(sarcastic) my usb recepticle broke off the circuitboard i had to replace the whole pcb board which cost like $100 i lost time and money: this is what is costs to be a nerd i guess


    Wow, what a great idea.. ive never seen a cardboard tube like that before though. I attempted a similar thing out of lego once, but couldnt achieve it without cutting them so i gave up. Might i suggest a coating of duct tape to complete the effect.. would cover up the unsightly edges.

    Not at all, the USB connector is perfect length. It's basically fully exposed for maximal use. The phone plug-in you're asking about is the Picture Dialer typically seen on the latest Treo's. Search for it in the XDA forum, you'll find it there.

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    Sweet Thanks! I'm gonna try this instructable too! It's a great solution!

    Did you have any problems with the USB connctor being to short after you installed it in to the base? Also, whats that awsome looking plug-in you have with the pictures and short cut (looking) drop downs??? I must have it!!!

    yes but it could eventualy damage the connector (probably)

    cool you could probably mod this to work for ipods if you put a diffrent connector in and i think it needs a support on the back

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    You're right, It is possible to change this mod and make it for an Ipod or other small devices. I thought about the support on the back, but the lack of it hasn't really been a problem. My MDA stays in place pretty firmly so I have no worries that it would fall over. As long as the mini USB is firmly in place, it will be stable.