Step 5: Putting Them Together!

Cut four 5' sections of string. You probably won't need all 5', but it pays to be safe. Tie a big knot in one end, then slide your claw onto it.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Tie a slipknot about where you think the next segment/can will rest, but make sure the lower part of the string is the adjustable end. This way you can adjust the distance between the knot and top of the claw if  you need to once you slide on your next can. Remember, the knots will need to be a little higher for arm segments made from the top of the can.

Once you're satisfied with the placement of your knot, lock it in place with hot glue. Continue these steps until you've reached a desired length; I chose 6 segments including the claw.

Now that you have an arm that meets your personal standards, determine how low you want your arms to dangle, then make a loop at waste level, and slide it onto your belt.

DOCTOR&nbsp;OCTAGONAPUS&nbsp;BLARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
Ooooh! A magic lamp! I've never seen one like this before!
For my first wish...
No no. Don't speak. I own you.
For my FIRST wish...
Wow! So realistic, and cheap at the same time! Great idea!<br /> You know, you can get aluminum cans to look neat like that by sanding them instead of spraying them with paint... Just a tip from one recycler to another...<br />
I bet you could use wire instead of string, and have the arms poseable. You would have to make a joint on each can, maybe with half of a plastic chrismas ornament glued to the can so it fits partly inside another.<br /> <br /> Nice Instructable, I think I'm going to try it.<br />
Very cool... <br />

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