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Introduction: Doctor Who Bow Necklace

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Yup I like Doctor Who, is anyone shocked? My first Doctor was Christopher Eccleston and although he will always have a special place in my heart my favorite Doctor is Matt Smith. I just loved his quirkiness, and I really liked the relationship between him and Rory and Amy. Therefore this week I decided to make a necklace to honor my favorite doctor. As you can see I could in theory do a decent gender swapped cosplay of him.

This necklace design is very simple to make and requires few materials. For those reason I have found them rather addictive, I made three in 2 hours... And currently due to the variety of ribbon available at the craft store there is a part of me that wonders if I could make one to go with every outfit...

My favorite is the one in honor of Doctor Who personally, but the black one with the silver chain has a really nice effect with a fancy blouse.

Step 1:

1. Needle and Thread, the color of the thread doesn't matter as it will not visible

2. 1.5" inch ribbon, at least 25 inches of it. 19 for the bow and 6 for the middle.

3. Chain that goes with your ribbon. I chose gunmetal to go with the dark red and silver to go with the black personally.

4. Clasps, I'm a big fan of the magnetic ones

5. Two jump rings or some wire and a pen

6. Wire Cutters

Step 2: Follow the Video!

See what I mean about how quick it is? Don't be surprised if you end up making more than one.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable, and I would love to see your versions of the necklace if you choose to make it.
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Cool beans. My favorite regeneration are the 4th, 10th, and 11th.

Beautiful! My favorite is Matt smith too ;-;-

This is so cool! ;-) If I ever get my hands on a chain and clasp this will the first thing I make!

It's cool, bow ties are cool and that's a fact. I love your idea, I'm sooooo making one. Because as you can see on my profile picture I kinda love DW. And especially 11th. Yes that is me on the picture. Ok this is awkward, like longest comment ever. But I just wanted you to know how inspirational your idea is. Thank you /Belle :)

Doctor who is my fav show been watching it since I was 4

Daww thanks! You are pretty spiffy at making things as well!

This is amazing defiantly making this to add to my doctor who collection