I'm a Whovian. I love Christmas. It seemed like a brilliant idea when my lovely wife mentioned that we had an extra Christmas tree for display in the family room and that I ought to make a Doctor Who Christmas tree. So I did.

Step 1: Cubee Doctor Who Figures

I found some Cubee paper craft Doctor Who figures by Cyber Drone on DeviantArt.com: (http://cyberdrone.deviantart.com/gallery/9187037).

I downloaded versions of the 11 available Incarnations of the Doctor as well as some companions and some enemies. The Cubees are pretty self explanatory but I decided to make them a bit sturdier by gluing the tabs on the seams together.

I also added a loop of fishing line to use as a hanger for each ornament.
<p>OMGOSH! Truly one of the absolute BEST projects EVER!!!</p>

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