Picture of Doctor Who Dalek Dress
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD (2).jpg
So, you want to be a Dalek, huh? Besides an unyielding desire to exterminate all humans, here's what you'll need:
-Black felt.
-A silver dress (since Daleks come in so many colors, you can get pretty much any dress you want. I got a silver one. I could not even attempt to make my own dress).
-32 or so plastic Easter eggs.
-Spray paint that sticks to plastic.
-Somewhere to spray paint things (I used my old creepy basement).
-One giant quilting pin.
-Needle and thread.
-A plunger.
-A whisk.
-Black leggings (optional).
-Black boots.

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Step 1: Make sure your dress is straight.

Picture of Make sure your dress is straight.
I bought my dress cheap, it had all this flowery gunk and pick-ups on it. I tore those out, gently. Then I ironed it.

Step 2: Poke holes in your easter eggs.

Picture of Poke holes in your easter eggs.
Photo on 2011-05-09 at 12.25.jpg
You're going to have to throw away half of the easter eggs you bought. It's heartbreaking, but you will have no use for the top portions. You only want to use the sweet sweet semi-sphere that is the bottom half of the easter egg.

Use that giant quilting pin I told you about earlier and poke two holes on opposite sides of the easter eggs.

Oh yeah, I put duct tape on the undersides of the semi-spheres because they came with holes in them, which annoyed the crap out of me. Anyway, the duct tape didn't help/hinder anything so pay no attention to that.

Step 3: Spray paint

Picture of Spray paint
So, I got some Krylon brand spray paint, I think someone huffed one of my cans before I purchased it because it didn't want to spray. Anyway, I have no idea why, but I painted the eggs black first, I guess to be consistent. After they dried I painted them blue, more specifically I painted them Krylon Fusion for Plastic Peekaboo Blue. I let those dry for a week, then I re-poked the holes in them just to make sure they were wide enough.

Also, spray paint the plunger handle silver, make sure not to paint the black part. My plunger unscrewed from the handle so it was easy, though I'm sure you could cover the plunger part with plastic and tape and that would work.
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Where did you get your dress from? Like i really want to do this in red, because i have a hat that looks like a red dalek's head, but I'm having trouble finding a good red dress, and since yours is perfect for this, i thought maybe i could just buy a red one, if they make it. Btw, i think this is really awesome if that wasn't implied.
Valentra (author)  lightsabersister61 year ago

I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner! I got my dress at Forever21, but it was about 3 years ago so I don't think they sell it anymore. You might be able to find something there that's similar, though, and they're pretty inexpensive so you won't mind altering it.

julialam2 years ago
what does the back look like? do you have to sit on the...eggs?
Valentra (author)  julialam2 years ago
Good question. :) You can kind of see the "eggs" in the last picture on my back. They went all the way around and down... Since I had leggings on, I'd just hike it up to sit down.
okay thank you :)
Rufda Camen3 years ago
Nice model!!!! I'm fall in love!! =P
You are absolutely brilliant! I believe I have just had a Nerdgasm.
... I think I may have fallen in love...
dawn618173 years ago
Awesome! I love The Doctor and you did a great job. Very creative!
Valentra (author)  dawn618173 years ago
Thank you, I really appreciate it :)

I love this dress.
Valentra (author)  NightElectric3 years ago
LOL! Thank you :)
sredmon3 years ago
I love this idea, I'll have to try it sometime :)
Valentra (author)  sredmon3 years ago
Thanks! You should! I think it's a decent template to work off of. :)
hula monkey3 years ago
So funny! Love it!
Valentra (author)  hula monkey3 years ago
Thank you, I try! :)
vhitch3 years ago
Awesome job! I'll have to do this for Halloween. Would do it for DragonCon, but I've got too many other costumes I'm currently working on, hehe.
Valentra (author)  vhitch3 years ago
Thanks so much! Please let me know how it goes if you make it, I would love to see other versions :-D
sgelatka3 years ago
OMG! i just found this, my friend and i are going to be daleks for halloween this year and we needed a template! this is the easiest one so far--it doesnt need a sewing machine (mine's broken)--and its cheap!! the only issue is finding easter eggs, but i bet we could just use those cheap styrofoam balls they have at walmart. thanks!
Valentra (author)  sgelatka3 years ago
It was super easy to make. I bought my easter eggs online, so that's an option for you. I was thinking about using the styrofoam balls, but I didn't want them to look pockmarked from the spray paint. I'm glad my instructable could help you out, let me know how it goes!
Sawowie XD4 years ago
wow this is amazing i might consider making it for my dr who obsessed friend...
its my goal in life to watch all still existant episodes of dr who love it so much
Valentra (author)  Sawowie XD4 years ago
Thanks! If I was going to do it over again there's a lot that I would clean up about it and add. Please let me know if you make it, I'd love to know how it goes!
justjimAZ4 years ago
Good luck in the contest!
Valentra (author)  justjimAZ4 years ago
Thanks, you too!
Doldrum4 years ago
EXTERMINATE!!! That's awesome... i wanted to go as a dalek for halloween last year but didn't want to go walking around in a big box... this is a much classier way to go! Great instructable!
Valentra (author)  Doldrum4 years ago
Thank you! I think it's a lot more comfortable than wearing a cardboard box, lol.
Too cool!!!

It's so nice seeing younger people enjoying this show!!
Valentra (author)  Silvester105284 years ago
Thank you! I love Doctor Who, I'm thinking of making a Tardis dress.
Yes do make a TARDIS dress. That would be choice. Your Dalek dress rocks! I bet you have to fight the boys off with a stick?
Valentra (author)  dreamberry4 years ago
Thank you so much! I'll try to make my tardis dress cleaner than this one is. Lol, haven't had to fight any boys off yet.
Following. Please do make a TARDIS Dress.
Younger people? We got my whole family enjoying it. From my 70 something year old grandmother to my 10 year old sister. and all ages in between.
That's awesome!!
I started watching in the Tom Baker years (1980's) and have made it a point to go back and watch the older stuff too - it's cheesy and hard to watch some times, but still pretty good.
TheStott4 years ago
looks kinda goofy i don't really see the point but good job
Valentra (author)  TheStott4 years ago
What's the point of any costume? To dress up. But thanks.
i mean like its good and everything but could you make a mask for it
I would totally wear that at a con. And I'm a bald chubby male geek who DOESN'T cross dress
Valentra (author)  TheGeekFather4 years ago
lol, you're awesome! I wanted to wear it to a con.
You should.
adam 1014 years ago
(cue laser sound effect)
(PS this would be a great place to add soft circuits)
Valentra (author)  adam 1014 years ago
Where can you get soft circuits?
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