Step 5: The felt

Picture of The felt
Dalek single.png
To make the Dalek "grill" on top I got black felt. I thought the adhesive kind would make things easier, but it didn't really. I cut the felt to the size I needed and sewed the corners.

I have yet to make the headpiece. I intended to use tiny dixie cups, blue acrylic paint, and blue yarn to attach the cups to the headband. And there you have it, your plot to exterminate all humans is that much closer to becoming reality.
julialam2 years ago
what does the back look like? do you have to sit on the...eggs?
Valentra (author)  julialam2 years ago
Good question. :) You can kind of see the "eggs" in the last picture on my back. They went all the way around and down... Since I had leggings on, I'd just hike it up to sit down.

I love this dress.
Sawowie XD4 years ago
wow this is amazing i might consider making it for my dr who obsessed friend...
its my goal in life to watch all still existant episodes of dr who love it so much
Too cool!!!

It's so nice seeing younger people enjoying this show!!
Marry me? :-)
Valentra (author)  chuckularone4 years ago
I'm flattered. :)