Step 4: Tying Up Loose Ends

While switching colors you get all these ends poking out, don't worry about it until the end and you can tie them up. Get a sewing and needle and your going to sew the end back into the scarf where it's not even noticeable. There are good tutorials on how to on YouTube.
<p>How long did it take you?</p>
This is amazing! I'm starting mine today after I get my supplies.
Nice job!
Hey, <br>Can you maybe add how many rows in which colors you need to do? <br>And how long will it be?
Really good, but be more explanatory, and add how many rows each color is
Great job be a little more explanatory, but over all good job...I voted for you
Inspiring but try to make it more informative. Voted for you in the contest, good luck!

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