Doctor Who "Something Blue" TARDIS Wedding Shoes!

Every Wedding needs a little

Something Old, Something New,

Something Borrowed and Something Blue!

These are the perfect addition of blue for that special day...

...or just total Doctor Who Geekery to wear any day!
Easy to DIY!

Step 1: Gather Supplies!

You will need:

Shoes that fit you--the perfect chance to give some old shoes new life like I did!

Blue spray paint

Clear acrylic spray paint

White and black acrylic paint

Shoe clips

White fabric--I used old bed sheets...you could even use a tee shirt!

Blue ribbon

Hot glue/gun


Paint brushes

<p>My gosh, these are gorgeous!!! I love Doctor Who, and I need to make these! They look like something you would buy for, like, $20 or more!!!</p>
<p>I am so jealous that I didn't have these when I got married! Fantastic job!</p>
Thank you this was amazing
<p>those are adorable </p>
<p>Very clever! Can you tell us where you got the great lace socks?</p>
Haha! yep, I found them at Dollar Tree. They are awesome...and they came in black too...It was about a month or 2 ago, so I don't know if they still have them. :)
Thanks, I'll look. They look adorable with your shoes. :-)
<p>wow these are adorable!!! :) And I love those little socks...love them!</p>
Oh my gosh! I love doctor who!
<p>Super cute</p>
<p>Linking this to my daughter. Crafty AND a Whovian...</p>
<p>These are adorable! I love the bows and the lace socks you are wearing with them!</p>
<p>Oh my gosh, I love Dr Who and these are so cute! I love the added bows!</p>

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