"Doctor Who" Sonic Screwdriver (9th/10th Doctor)

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When a friend gave me the idea of going as the Tenth Doctor for Halloween, I was completely sold on it, despite the fact that I had only four days until the big party to pull it together. The costume itself likely doesn't warrant an Instructable as it was mostly thrift shop hunting as opposed to making (and it's rather difficult to find anything resembling the Doctor's getup that fits a female, but I got lucky.) I needed an accessory to tie it together however, in case the pinstripe suit with hightop trainers wasn't clear enough. And what's the Doctor without his handy dandy sonic screwdriver?

A friend of mine owns a toy replica of the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver, and I just planned to borrow and use that. I had forgotten however that the style had changed quite radically between the two versions, and to me it simply didn't look right with the costume. I couldn't find any stores in the area which carried the replicas and there wasn't enough time to order one - time to get crafty! Allons-y!
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Step 1: Get some Inspiration

Picture of Get some Inspiration
I wanted to make my prop as close to the real thing as possible, so I needed some reference images. The Tardis Index File wiki was very helpful here. I also did a few Google image searches to look at replicas available for sale; gotta check out the competition after all.
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econdie8 months ago
tacocats1 year ago
this is pretty fugin awesome
Fansatsic job!
Nicely done!
In the spirit of "Doctor Who", Perhaps step 4 should be "Bits & Bobs". :D
AJD421 year ago
Sweet also love the costume
HPandLOTR1 year ago
lockpick4 years ago
The ever changing doctors really annoy me. Which number was the doctor who fixed the crack in Amy's wall again? Anyways great ible
Every time The Doctor is meant to die, he HAS to take on another form
The 11th doctor, in the very first episode of season 5 I think. "Eleventh Hour" with the giant eyeballs.
It's not the regeneration that I hate it simply annoys me that he changes. One second you think you know everything about the doctor then he suddenly completely changes again.
exactly. the idea with the doctor is that they can have a series where they can do the ultimate plot twist (kill off the main character) over and over again. it's one of those theatrical things.
regeneration and the fact that he changes is the same concept
i believe that was the 11th, and most recent. keep an eye out, the new season just started in America last week with a "kill hitler" episode
groksocket (author)  lockpick4 years ago
That's the 11th, the toy prop I compared mine to was of his.
The eleventh doctor is pretty spiffy. :D
lockpick Gnara3 years ago
AHHH!!! I can't wait till April 23rd! Especially seeing the Doctor in the America with me begin American!
the changing docters annoy me to but the doctor who fixed amys wall was the 11th doctor.
Thanks soooo much! My school had a dress-up day, and was going as The Doctor so, I needed a sonic screwdriver, + I only had 3 DAYS to get my costume ready! Thank you sooo much for your'e help!!!
that round thing you aren't sure of what it was, it looks very similar to the inner race of a bearing, from the size i'd guess skate/mountain board.
arya_elf2 years ago
What is that shiny medle thing on top of it?
groksocket (author)  arya_elf2 years ago
That's a 7mm socket from a cheap wrench set, as mentioned in the next step. It fit nicely over the end of the plastic marker. Use whatever works!
rashby12 years ago
Think is AMAZING! I was going as the 10th Doctor for a dress up day at school, and my whole costume was perfect, except for my sonic screwdriver! I had the same problem as you, I have 11's, but not 9/10's, so you can imagine my joy when I saw this. It only took me a few hours to get it together and everyone at school thought it was amazing, whether they knew about the Doctor or not. Thank You SO much! :D
groksocket (author)  rashby12 years ago
Glad to help! I'd love to see the one you made.
sredmon3 years ago
Nice idea. :) good job.
ghostrider23 years ago
Anyone else want to pack an RFID chip in one of these and set all electronics and doors in their house to open with it?
or the easier option would be to install a tv-b-gone in the tip. less utility, but still freaking cool. (another thought: I think to keep with the sonic theme you'd have to make it use sound. maybe use that directional sound technology they use in stores for advertisements, and have the frequency given off by the screwdriver do the various utilities when pointed at the device.)
A universal remote sonic screwdriver? That would be epic!
I'd like to see someone do that.
tinker2343 years ago
anyone think with a old speaker and a program called audicty i coluld make a working one that changes its decbils to shake the door open or maybe change the computers activy
i would use it as a magnet
vhitch3 years ago
Krylon Fusion is specially designed spray paint to use on plastic. I suggest that one. The prices are better at Home Depot, but WalMart had a wider selection.
sir-zeke4 years ago
Great Job! except for your sixth grader "That's what she said" joke.
Oh, you would not believe the sheer number of innuendoes I make with mine (the Character Options toy--it's about 5 years old and still serves me well). Mine, for one thing, goes in...and out...and in...and out. It has three settings, one of which is "Caress." (OK, so it doesn't have three settings...)

Oh yes...I LOVE the Sonic's so BAD. (And it's *bigger* than the actual prop. Make of that what you will.)
SirNoodlehe3 years ago
Good "that's what she said" call
jcecil29304 years ago
Suggestion for you. Why not cut off the clip end on a sharpie fine point, I'm talking about the part that is on the black cap portion of the the sharpie pen that will hold the pen to ones pocket when you put into your pocket. This part can be used for the "openings".

James Cecil
gladreal4 years ago
I've got to say, not bad at all! My boys are very inspired by this,, thanks so much!
chwbcc4 years ago
Very nice. This is a great base for others to work from. You could dremmel out the details and use other niknaks to create the rest of the details. I am going to put this on my list of builds.
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