Step 2: The Basic Shape

Picture of The Basic Shape
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Now that we have a good idea in mind, it's time to find some objects of suitable size and shape that can be re-purposed. Visualize! Look at every object you have and really think about their shapes and what you can do to modify them. Let your resourcefulness and creativity shine through.

I willingly sacrificed a few perfectly good markers to the prop-making gods as they were a perfect starting point. The nearly-cylindrical body of a red permanent marker will be the body of the screwdriver, its angular cap as part of the tail end, and the highlighter's cap will form the head. A little glass "gem" (a staple of craft stores and cheap floral arrangements) I had laying around makes for a nice end to the head. I glued it on to get a look, which I then realized was a bad idea. I had to pry it off again so I could start...