Doctor Who Tardis Sneakers





Introduction: Doctor Who Tardis Sneakers

As any Doctor Who fan knows, the Tenth doctor famously wore Converse sneakers. I added Tardises to mine to add to the Whovianism, and scrawled "Don't Blink" on the back, in celebration of one of my favourite episodes.

What you'll need:

  • A pair of sneakers
  • Leather scraps
  • Acrylic paint
  • Mod Podge

Step 1: Cut Tardis Shape

Cut two pieces of scrap leather into Tardis shapes. Look at an image for reference.

Step 2: Paint Base Colour

If your leather is a dark colour, start by painting it a light base colour.

Step 3: Paint Blue

Build up shades of blue until you are happy with the colour.

Step 4: Start Adding Details

Add details such as the lines of the blocks on the door and the black sign.

Step 5: Add Finer Details

Add windows and the text in white. I used a toothpick and pin to paint this on.

Step 6: Seal Your Tardises

Seal with a layer of mod podge.

Step 7: Attach Your Tardises

Use glue to stick the Tardises onto the shoes and then stitch to secure.

Step 8:



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    Did you use the same steps to get the "Don't Blink" on the back?

    I'm pretty sure they just used a marker and wrote it on

    I love the work that went into this and happen to have a spare pair of fake converse knocking around. I may make this for when I do my next fundraiser. Thanks for a great instructable.

    Loved it!

    You can enter in the Wear it! contest, don't you?

    I would like to vote if you enter.


    At your suggestion, I have indeed entered. :) I'd love it if you'd vote for me!

    You got my vote ;)

    And congratulations for having all yours instructables featured.


    Thank you! And thanks... It's a standard I hope to maintain. :)

    Real neat job done here, amazing work! :-)


    Thank you! :)

    I love those ? they are so fabo and even more fabo is is is is DOCTER WHO?