The scarf I made is based on the one worn by Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor in the British Sci-Fi series Doctor Who. This oversized, multicolored scarf is perhaps the most iconic piece of his wardrobe. Usually reproductions of the scarf are knitted. I know nothing about knitting. I was on a tight time budget with no time to learn how to knit. Instead I decided to do some upcycling and make my scarf out of sweaters from a thrift store. I made a reproduction of the original Doctor Who scarf that was worn by the Fourth Doctor in seasons 12-14.

Step 1: Materials, Tools and Supplies

-a pattern (from this website)
-7 sweaters, one for each color*
-sewing machine
-hand sewing needles
-embroidery floss

*notes on choosing sweaters:

-when I went hunting for sweaters at thrift stores I made sure to bring along multiple reference pictures to get the colours right. Look for the biggest sweaters you can find to avoid running out of a particular colour..

-There are seven different colours needed for this scarf. The knit pattern in the material I looked for consisted of small vertical rows on the "right" side of the fabric that looked braided. I tried to maintain continuity by choosing sweaters with approximately the same size rows or the same knit, otherwise it looked goofy on the side I was using.

-I used the "wrong" side (inside) of the sweater as the outside of the scarf.

-I wasn't particular about the content of the sweaters being all the same; some were cotton, while others were synthetic. Color mattered more to me. (I would only hand-wash the scarf anyway)
<p>Interesting &amp; innovative approach, Nice! </p><p>After 30 years-worth of requests with my wife, who is a &quot;witty little knitter&quot;, I am three months into kitting my own. I may have to pause while I try your method.</p><p>I award you Three and one-half Sonic Screwdrivers (out of a possible four). </p>
<p>That is AWESOME!!!!!!!</p>
Great job! Thank you.
Doctor Who totally rockd
I am so making one of these, even if it means I need to learn how to knit. Nicely done!
Correction: sew, not knit.
Awesome! I'd love to see it once it's complete!!!
I can't see the pattern :( hope I can find the right color sweaters. really want one. thank you :)
This is so cool. I'm a sewer, not a knitter, so this will work brilliantly! <br> <br>;D Great job!
Thank you so much! It was heaps of fun :)
If your sewing machine has a differential feed, you can adjust it to eliminate that stretch. I use thrift-store sweaters for many projects and find that it tends to work the best. I use somewhere around 1.5-2, depending on the fabric. Usually you can find it on nicer overlock machines. I picked up an older nice one at a sewing machine repair store all refurbished for around $200. I'm very happy with the purchase.
Great, I'll have to try that next time. Thanks for the feedback!
<br> Quality - Tom Baker was the Terry Nation best.<br> <br> L
Totally! Thanks much!
That looks great! And very comfy!
Thank you! It's a very cozy scarf :)
Mr Fro ... Tom Baker ... was my intro into the world of Dr Who. ... You scarf beat a celery stick any day!
Hahaha thanks! :D
Tom Baker rocks, and this is great for those of us who can't knit!
He totally does! I hope to learn to knit one day, but I figured I'd give this alternative a go!
And we meet again on a Doctor Who thread!<br><br>This is truely awesome.
Thank you so much! Doctor Who rocks :)

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