Step 6: Making the Tassels

The tassels on either end of the scarf consist of all seven colours. Normally these would be made out of whatever yarn you're using to make the scarf, but you can improvise with embroidery floss.

Match the colours as best you can. You'll need two skeins of embroidery floss per colour, one for each side.

Cut the floss into 2 x 10-inch pieces for each tassel. Wind the floss around a 10-inch long piece of cardboard and then snip the top and the bottom. Make 15 tassels for each side.
<p>Interesting &amp; innovative approach, Nice! </p><p>After 30 years-worth of requests with my wife, who is a &quot;witty little knitter&quot;, I am three months into kitting my own. I may have to pause while I try your method.</p><p>I award you Three and one-half Sonic Screwdrivers (out of a possible four). </p>
<p>That is AWESOME!!!!!!!</p>
Great job! Thank you.
Doctor Who totally rockd
I am so making one of these, even if it means I need to learn how to knit. Nicely done!
Correction: sew, not knit.
Awesome! I'd love to see it once it's complete!!!
I can't see the pattern :( hope I can find the right color sweaters. really want one. thank you :)
This is so cool. I'm a sewer, not a knitter, so this will work brilliantly! <br> <br>;D Great job!
Thank you so much! It was heaps of fun :)
If your sewing machine has a differential feed, you can adjust it to eliminate that stretch. I use thrift-store sweaters for many projects and find that it tends to work the best. I use somewhere around 1.5-2, depending on the fabric. Usually you can find it on nicer overlock machines. I picked up an older nice one at a sewing machine repair store all refurbished for around $200. I'm very happy with the purchase.
Great, I'll have to try that next time. Thanks for the feedback!
<br> Quality - Tom Baker was the Terry Nation best.<br> <br> L
Totally! Thanks much!
That looks great! And very comfy!
Thank you! It's a very cozy scarf :)
Mr Fro ... Tom Baker ... was my intro into the world of Dr Who. ... You scarf beat a celery stick any day!
Hahaha thanks! :D
Tom Baker rocks, and this is great for those of us who can't knit!
He totally does! I hope to learn to knit one day, but I figured I'd give this alternative a go!
And we meet again on a Doctor Who thread!<br><br>This is truely awesome.
Thank you so much! Doctor Who rocks :)

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