This is a full-sized weeping angel I made for last year's Halloween party. Given that the geek quotient is fairly high among our friends, we knew people would get a kick out of it (and unnerved all the neighbourhood kids at the same time! Mwahahahahha)

The original idea was to make it posable (at least articulate the arms) but unfortunately other events prevailed, and I ended up going with a mud prop. Still good enough to scare the bejeezus out of anyone who walked into it :D

Step 1: Making the Head

I don't have the preliminary photos, but the head was made thusly:

Blow up a balloon to the approximate size of your wanted head (I used my own) This was then thinly papier-mache'd over to give it some stability, then attached to a cardboard cylinder at an angle with strips of electrical tape (The cylinder in question was actually the interior of a helpdesk toilet roll! ) Then mache over again to hold it, and to make the face, I attached a $2 plastic mask.

As the angel has blank eyes, the mask eyeholes were filled in with pieces cut from a plastic coke bottle, with gaffa tape to hold them in place. To give the head more stability, I also stuffed the void behind the mask full of foam packing peanuts and a LOT of PVA glue (mostly stuffed up its nostrils) Once that was dry, a few more layers of mache were added to smooth the transition.

From this point, it was time to get hairy. For the hair, I'm using Brown felt wool - got it off ebay at 99c /metre :D I chose this because it's thick, matty and soaks up glue like crazy.

First thing to do - and I Cannot stress this enough - KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. I started sketching rough hair lines, then began winding the hair along a centre part. From one side, around the curve of the skull, then up to meet the other side. Then cut, and do it again. And again. And again.

It's ok to leave some gaps - remember, this is supposed to be a sculpted stone look. And you will use a LOT of glue. In my case I mixed about three parts 'teachers's choice' white school glue to one part hobby PVA. They're different consistencies and worked well together. It's ok if it you splash over onto the felt and it gets claggy and hard - this is supposed to be stone, remember?

(And yes, I am aware of the irony of watching Angel while making one :P)

To complete the look, I curved up the back of the hair. Yes, it looks like a hat at this point, but the central spiral will be covered by the "knot" of hair when it's applied, so I'm not overly fussed.

Once that was completed, curls were added about the face for detailing and to hide the seams of the mask.

<p>I started my Dr Who &quot;relationship&quot; at Jon Pertwee, Dr #3, and these things scare me the most. So this is on my list of possible for next year's Hallow'een.</p><p>It seems simple enough to follow so I hope I can do your &quot;ible&quot; justice when the time comes </p>
Awesome work. Very cool concept and nice end product.
I would have made it in the classic weeping position, and then mde several others slowly moving, and change then throughout the night XD <br> <br>If you don't get doctor who you can buy it on itunes, thats what I do.
or get netflix they have it on ther along with the classic doctors
I am rather much attatched to the Tom Baker Doctor - he really made the character for me. This is a great work (obviously derserving to be Featured) - I look forward to future works.
i think tom baker is the best
I heart Tom Baker! I made his scarf (the first version). I also liked Pertwee very much.
Angel=almost as good as Buffy<br/><br/>Buffy=best show ever<br/>
&nbsp;Careful with those words, there are Doctor Who fans here.
They'll have to accept the truth at some point...<br />
Or stuff you in the Pandorica.
Good plan.
Pandorica, I'm liking your Doctor Who reference.
Like Iridium said, there are Doctor Who fans here. Hehe
Am I stuck with the doctor or amy in the pandorica? Cause I think I might object to an infinity with the doctor...
Haha why the objection!?
I don't know.. I've got that same personality.. So it might be fun for a while, but when the thrill wears off, I'd rather look at Amy. She's prettier than he is.
Then again, that's what all religions say about each other, but it never happens...(also, the movie was so much better than the show).
For joint compound, would run-of-the-mill sheetrock do? And what kind of paint do you mix your joint compound with?
Joint compound (or gyprock) is what you use to seal the gaps between sheetrock/drwall sheets So you may have some name variations . And I just grabbed the cheapest, nastiest mis-tinted paint they had in the store :) (normal every day house paint)
Hey JKibs95! Doctor Who is the best show ever!
I JUST realized you were watching Angel as in Buffy-spin-off show Angel. I approve. My top favorite shows are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, Buffy, and Torchwood. Mainly Buffy and Doctor Who, though.
Or you could <a rel="nofollow" href="http://therpf.com/showthread.php?t=49264">wear it.</a><br/><br/>Nice job!<br/>
WOW! that is really great. wish I had the time to make one!
i love Dr. Who!!! what happened to BBC airing him in the US ??? i haven't seen a single new episode for a year!?!?!? and i agree with "the empty child / the doctor dances" that one was creepy but "blink" is just awesome
yeah, that actually scared me somehow lol.
They did a re-make of the angels episode, Imo it wasn't as nearly as good.
the next season doesn't start until spring 2010 so we're all just going to have to wait. =(<br/>
It was a short season too..
BBC stands for 'British Broadcasting Company', maybe they didn't want to send tapes of Doctor Who all the way to the US.
There is a channel called BBC America, in which they send us all their good tv shows, since they know how much we love Brits.
It's not on Sci-fi any more. If you're like me and you don't have BBC America your S.O.L.
Guess I got lucky, cause I sho got BBC. You can always torrent an episode, just go on the website and find the title of the show.
So creepy..... "Blink...and you die"
Really it's more like &quot;blink and you have to spend the rest of your life without easy access to porn.&quot;
no, blink and get sent back in time.
Well...blink and you die before you were ever born, and probably earlier in life than you would with today's medical technology, but very yes.
&quot;that which holds an image of an angel becomes an angel.&quot; Oh crap!<br />
Great work! That is one of my absolute favorite episodes! I've watched it several times and it still scares the hell out of me!
Scariest episode ever for Dr Who. I don't think any of the TorchWood Episodes come close to that one. Good Angel, but it needs to have the fangs on it. Would also be cool if it moved when people had their backs turned.
In my opinion the one with the gas mask physically part of the kid's face was the scariest... that really freaked me out.
me too.
That one was Trippy, but it was more suspenseful in my opinion. No, the only other one that came close was the Torchwood with the Cannibals in the old Village.
i never liked torchwood. What's the point of not being able to die? But anyway, Blink has to be the best, and the guy that wrote the blink, empty child/doctor dances, and I think that other one with the clockwork droids, he is taking over as head writer!
... hey now, you can't forget about tooth and claw!! but agreed, both "blink" and "the empty child / the doctor dances" are two of my all time favorite episodes! :)
Actually, one thing I was considering was placing it "behind" someone as they entered our "Man Room" - and having a mirror placed so that they saw an etched image of the angel in attack pose over their shoulder. of course, if they turn around, all they saw was a statue....
Torchwood does have some pretty scary bits though!
That episode was sweet nice post very realistic
NERD SQUEE! That episode is amazing, and so is this statue! Very nicely done.

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