Document cameras are expensive and don't have the field of view I was looking for. One day, looking at the back of the LCD projector I noticed it had a video input... This led me to my old digital camera that had a video output!

What you will need:
1. Digital camera with video output
2. LCD projector with video input mounted to ceiling
3. Cable to connect the two (1/8" mini jack to RCA)
4. Lots of batteries for the digital camera (if you have a plug... all the better)
5. 1/4-20 bolt/machine screw 0.5"-0.75" long
6. Three old yardsticks
7. Metal piece with 90 degree bend or the like
8. Pop riveter & rivets or equivalent

*(this is only a cheap document camera... if you already have the LCD projector)

Step 1: Camera Mount:

The digital camera needs to aim at the work area to show what you are doing and be up enough to not get in your way or bonk your head. So I needed to hang it from the ceiling. The first time I did this the pole, from ceiling to camera, was to short... then I lengthened it.

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I'd go with a webcam and computer hooked up to the projector's VGA input - that way you'll have far higher resolution than an NTSC video input.<br><br>Check out my recent instructables for approaches using a desk lamp and a swing arm lamp.<br>
step 1 says camera goes into computer and from there to the projector, but you actually bypassed the computer and connected camera directly to projector.&nbsp; That is good since it simplifies matters, but then, don't you lose the ability to zoom in on a document &amp; make the type readable on the screen?<br />
As I was reading I was thinking that a video camera with a remote would be awesome. You could use it to zoom in on things and you could hook it directly into the LCD without having to run it through you computer.
our school had the exact same projector mounted in every single classroom
I bet your district mounted them... My school didn't.
Then I win.It was the school.

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