Introduction: DodoCase Cardboard Build Night - Allen's Android Adaptation

Use a QR Code to instantly connect to the VR apps that are available by scanning the side of the DodoCase Virtual Reality Cardboard Toolkit.

Step 1: Download Standard Scanning App, in This Case QR Droid Was Used

Step 2: Within QR Droid

1. go to create

2. go to web address

3. click new URL

4. enter

5. click button in top right corner that looks like an arrow to a QR code

6. click save

Step 3: Print at Nearest Printer

Step 4: Cut to Specified Size Using Scissors and Glue to Dodocase

Step 5: Scan With Smart Phone and Enter Virtual Reality App


seamster (author)2014-10-30

Nice idea!

You've got a lot of extra steps there in the middle section. You could do this all in just a couple of steps, with descriptions in the body and a photo or two to show what you are describing. Just a couple of tips! :)

Here's a great tutorial on using the editor:

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