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Hi! This is the first coat i've made for my dog, Dodo. He is a soon to be 9 years old (:D) cute, smart and funny caniche. The coat is made starting from this pattern in this video tutorial:

(this is only the first part)

I've started from the basic pattern for size m , working with
- hook no. 4 (that is G, or 4 -4.5mm)
And used:
- 200 gr. acryl (size 4) - 2 colours (orange and dark brown  - you can use this also for Halloween:D)
- 5 little white buttons
- 5 medium retro dark orange buttons

The lenght of the main body (orange) is equal to the lenght of your dogs body. Mine is long enough to make me work a LOT:)). But i've enjoyed doing this and he is so cute dressed like this. And now that it turns colder it's very good for the windy / rainy days because he is just having a haircut...the last really short haircut this year:P, probably.
I've added a darker edge - really simple, because he is a boy:). And a new element - the front part (which can be detached from the coat.  I've also made a cap/hat which is really funny and usefull if it rains. The trick with the hats is that you have to work it with your dog next to you, and the patterns don't really fit (so yeah i've basically invented on spot both of his hats). The difference is that to the orange one you have tie a node, while the other one is fixed).
And because he is such a good boy, i've made him a special amigurumi ball ( the pattern it's not that difficult. if you know how to crochet you work in rounds, with SC- single crochet increasing and decreasing) - the cotton inside (stuffing) is first put in some plastic bags (so it makes a funny sound, that he likes a lot).
Well i leave you with the photos (and some comments added on them:P).

See ya!!

tnx and hugs,
Rux and Dodo


HeidiSN (author)2016-07-04

Hooray! I love this! Thank you!

copilarim (author)HeidiSN2016-07-05

That makes me happy!! :)
Hugs from me and Dodo :)!

sunshiine (author)2011-09-03

How cute! Thanks for sharing!

copilarim (author)sunshiine2011-09-04

Welcome and tnx :)

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