Introduction: Dog

Picture of Dog

Whenever I am board I love to draw so I will show you how to draw a dog with simple and easy steps

Step 1: Make Tongue

Picture of Make Tongue

Step 2: Make Nose

Picture of Make Nose

Step 3: Make Eyes

Picture of Make Eyes

Step 4: Make Head

Picture of Make Head

Step 5: Make Ears

Picture of Make Ears

Step 6: Make Body Arms and Legs

Picture of Make Body Arms and Legs

Step 7: Make Tummy

Picture of Make Tummy

Step 8: Make Tail

Picture of Make Tail

Step 9: Color and Decorate

Picture of Color and Decorate

Your dog is probably better that mine because I rushed in mine. But this is probably how yours will look. And I had my niece color my dog so it's a little sloppy


Phoenix Flare (author)2014-07-04


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