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My little Cockapoo, Ruby, loves to do Agility and I want to be able to practice with her at home!  One of the first pieces of equipement that is useful for a course is the Bar Jump.  It is used in all different "games" and dogs love them.  You can of course purchase jumps but when I priced them I was shocked how much they wanted for a single jump let alone as set of them!  In this Instructable I'll show you how to build a regulation jump that you can use to have fun with your dog!

Also note that on every step (other than "The Plan" step) I have included a video walking through the step.  If you just want to view all the steps in one video, view DIY Dog Agility Jump

Safety Disclaimer
If you have never trained a dog for agility, please seek the training of a professional. Improper training can harm your dog and you could pattern bad habbits in your own movements.  Agility can be a safe and fun sport for both you and your dog but some guidence is needed to ensure the longevity of your team!

Step 1: The Plan

Our goal is to build a regulation Bar Jump.  According to the AKC1 the jump needs to follow these rules:
  • Bars: 1" Schedule 40 PVC 4 to 5 feet long, striped for visiblility
  • Uprights: 1 to 4 inches wide at least 32" tall
  • Cups: Stick out no further than 1 1/2" and should allow bar to easily displace (ie. come off the cups if the dog misjudges the jump)
Those requirements make it easy to build the entire jump out of 1" PVC.  PVC is not only cheap, but available at most home improvement stores.

Following those guidelines, our design will have:
  • Bars: 1" Schedule 40 PVC 4 feet long
  • Uprights: 36" long, 1" Schedule 40 PVC
  • Feet: 18" long, 1" Schedule 40 PVC
  • Cups: custom modified PVC Tee Joint

1AKC Regulations for Agility Trials, Chapter 3, Section 8
THANK YOU so much for posting these instructions and for making it so easy with the detailed parts list and instructional videos!! Here are pictures of my husband making ours along with the the finished products alone and in use. Three jumps are enough for our sized yard. We still need to add some colored stripes, but we're very happy with the result!
That is awesome!!!!<br><br>An easy alternative to spray painting stripes is to get some of that fun duct tape in various colors :)<br><br>Congrats on the great build and it looks like the pup loves it!
<p>These were super easy to make.</p><p>I made 2 jumps. Bought the 4-way connectors on Amazon (4 for $9.90) and bought the jump cups on Amazon (10 for $19.98).</p><p>Used a hack saw for the cuts, not beautiful but functional. </p><p>Also had colored duct tape already so just &quot;barber poled&quot; it around the jump bar instead of painting. </p><p>Now my boy can practice his jumps at home :-)</p>
<p>Couldn't find the 4way connectors locally either so modified the design to use the 3way. Charlie seems to like the results!</p>
<p>Lola (my dog) is an amazing jumper, I can get a hula-hoop and a treat, hold the hula-hoop up and hold up the treat on the other side, she'll jump right through no matter how high or low</p>
<p>Cool! That's how we got into Agility, we noticed our dog loved to run and touch various objects on command. It was dumb luck that one of our friends had just started agility and suggested we do it to! If your dog loves jumping hula-hoops, she would probably love the &quot;job&quot; of Agility!</p>
We actually are thinking about doing agility training with our dogs, we just need to find a good place near us
<p>If you look up AKC dog agility events (http://www.akc.org/events/agility/) and find a trial near you, you can talk to some of the trainers and they'll let you know who's around your area.</p>
<p>amazing instructable</p>
<p>making this weekend or next. will try to post followup</p>
<p>AKC regulation size agility jumps are easy to make...simple directions here....needed to special order the 4-way Tees, the smaller single jump clips on 3 of these jumps, and the longer multi jump clip strip on one of these. Much more economical than purchasing ready made jumps. Doc is happy and ready to practice in our backyard! Thank you Instructables.</p>
<p>This was pretty easy to make. I just recently got into agility with my standard poodle, and this is one of the first things I thought would be good to teach her. I also could not find the 4-way connectors at my local hardware store. Instead of purchasing something from online, I used two &quot;T&quot;'s. One to connect the legs of the jump, and on the &quot;T'&quot; part, I put a small 1 inch PVC pipe and put another &quot;T&quot; on it. This allowed me to purchase everything at Lowe's and the only difference is that the leg base of my jump is 1&quot; further out from the height of the jump.</p>
Good luck on the Pets Challenge.
Thanks! Good luck as well :)

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