Since I started my dog in agility classes, I've been building a series of course obstacles. Some of these obstacles are quite expensive to purchase in high quality, new condition. My purpose has been to make serviceable ones at home with minimal cost. A tire jump basically consists of a hoop of 4" corrugated drain pipe. This "tire" is suspended from a frame in such a way that its height can be adjusted for dogs of varying size. After scouring the interwebs for designs, I decided to make the tire jump from a pallet, which would comprise a ready-made frame, avoiding the time, tedium and expense of building one from scratch out of PVC pipe or wood.


Extra-long pallet

Plastic 4" corrugated drain pipe, 100 inches.

Joint adapter for 4" drain pipe

Six 1 /7/8" screw eyes

One pulley

Nylon 550 cord (paracord), 6 feet

Two 30" bungee cords

Deck screws, various sizes

Two split rings, 1" diameter



Electric screw driver

Circular saw

Reciprocating saw

Orbital sander


Pry bar

Crow bar

Step 1: Prepare Drain Pipe "tire"

Surprisingly, the standard tire jump does not use an actual tire. For the early training of my standard schnauzer Isabel I used a hand-held hula hoop, but the day came when I needed a more realistic apparatus. To make a regulation-sized hoop for the tire jump, I needed 98 inches of drain pipe. I had enough left over after using a 100-foot roll to outfit the downspouts on two houses. In the process, I learned that this stuff is thin-walled and somewhat fragile. It would be very difficult to cut it perfectly all the way around. Hence, I cut it roughly four inches too long, then used scissors to carefully cut it down to the ideal size.

Odds are the pipe will have some curvature to it, but the hoop needed is much more tightly curved. I increased the curvature of the pipe and made it the right shape by forcibly bending it around my knees repeatedly along its length. Finally, I bought an adapter to join the two ends together. This piece is very inexpensive, and is normally used to join together two ends which simply snap into it.

<p>Love these directions they are so clear and easy to follow. BTW, nice dogs! I also run my miniature schnauzers in agility. They are great little dogs!</p>

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