Dog Feeder Coffee Table Out of Reclaimed Wood





Introduction: Dog Feeder Coffee Table Out of Reclaimed Wood

I made this table for a friend who has a very smallhouse and three giant dogs. she had problems finding the right place to feed them so I built a dog feeder coffee table out of reclamed wood.

I had an unfinished coffee table made of beech.

I also had a few pallets that I could use and scraps of other woods.

Step 1: Design the Table and Dismantle the Old Beech Table

The first thing to do was to design the table so I sketched my ideas on a sheet of paper.

First I designed it with only one drawer then with two and it is that model that I kept for my final project.

Then I drew the table in Sketchup to have a better understanding of what I needed to make

When the design was finished; I dismantled the unfinished table to reclaim the wood and start building the table.

Unfortunately; I don't have any picture of the table before dismantling it.

Step 2: Make Table Top

Table top is made of pallet wood cut at a width of 3 cm and glued together vertically
I also made an insert of a pine newfoundlander in a piece of oak.
This piece has then been inserted in the table top.

Step 3: Make Table Body

The body of the table is glued together with domino tenons. I wanted to use as few screws as possible because this will be used by dogs and I wanted as few metal as possible to avoid rust if in contact with liquids

Step 4: Make Dog Feeder Top

The dog feeder top is made in a piece of beech and the holes are made with a router on a homemade compass.

Step 5: Assembly and Drawers

Once the body assembled, I made a coffee table lift, glued and screwed it in place.
Then I made the drawers out of 6mm plywood and melamine

Step 6: Finishing

Once all was done, four layers of varnish and the table is finished.

Step 7: Testing in Real Situation

I could then deliver the table to our friend and have a live test with her dogs
First impression?



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    You wouldn't happen to have any of your dimensions laying around would you?

    dimensions are 950mm long, 650mm wide and 450mm high

    Well done. Only someone who truly loves their dogs would do this, so I commend you.