Dog House





Introduction: Dog House

Dog House is a DIY house (Do It Yourself) that does not need screws or glue, just assemble and fit the parts. Depending on the thickness of the material used, it gives to make houses for different types of animals, from a large dog, with agglomerate of 15mm, to the bird house with 2mm MDF.

Step 1: Download the Dog House Files

Download the dxf or 3dm files, escale in the mdf or plywood messure (3mm, 6mm,9mm,10mm,12mm,15mm, etc).

Cut the Dog House in laser cut or CNC router.

dog house 10mm playwood.3dm

bird house MDF 3mm.dxf

Step 2: Put on the Pentagonal Face

Put on the front and the back pentagonal form with the botton part of the Home Dog.

Step 3: Lateral Parts

- Place the lateral side parts, fitting with the slot.

- Push the lateral until fit by clicking with the bottom part.

Step 4: Put on the Roof

Put on the two roof parts, fitting correctly.

Step 5: Let Your Pet Enjoy!!!!!!

Step 6: ​You Can See How to Build the House in This Video.



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