Picture of Dog Leash Hook from Tree Branches
Here's a useful hook you can make from left-over tree branches.  Use them for dog leashes, coats, hats, keys, smelly gym shoes, calendars, and many other things.

They are fun to make and give as gifts.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
Table saw
Dremel tool
Chisel (be sure to buy chisels pre-sharpened)
1/8 inch drill bit
5/16 inch drill bit

Hat pins
kludge771 year ago
You need to stop using your tablesaw until you've learned how to operate it. You are going to hurt yourself!

Never cut round stock on the table saw. Ever...
bgunville2 years ago
You need to get yourself a wood bandsaw a14" would split most of your stuff and a lot safer.
cobinrox (author)  bgunville2 years ago
Great idea-- that *wood* be a lot easier; thanks for the tip. Time to go shopping!