Dog Leash Tripod Strap





Introduction: Dog Leash Tripod Strap

I have been trying to find or make a strap for my tripod so it is easy to carry without a bag or holding it in my hand. I was searching through my closet for any rope but I found a dog leash that we didn't use anymore.

This dog leash is about 5 feet long but I would recommend finding something longer maybe 6 - 6 1/2 feet would be best. I also have a big body so for the smaller photographers 5 feet might be ok.

Don't worry if you still use the dog leash, we wont be cutting it.

Step 1: First Loop

To make the first loop that will go at the base of the tripod

1. place your hand through the handle loop of the leash
2. grab the leash with your hand
3. pull the leash through but not all the way.

Step 2: Second Loop

To make the second loop...

1. grab the latch on the leash
2. attach the latch to the leash just below.

Step 3: Attach to Tripod

To attach the strap to the tripod

1. place the first loop over the bottom
2. pull that loop tight
3. place the second loop over the top, make sure it is under any screws used for adjusting
4. pull that loop tight

Done... Now you can throw it over your shoulder or across your back for easy transport.



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Now thats a quick, fast and great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Great idea... Hey, wait! I have that same tripod!