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I have been meaning to get this written up for a while, so here we go!
You will need a sturdy snap of some sort, strong enough for the weight of the dog you are using it for. Then two pieces of 550 paracord at least 25 feet long, giving you a leash about four feet long. I sometime just get the 50' cord and cut it in half no measuring that way! Also you can use two different colors to make the leash and it looks really good.

Starting is the hard part on this project.

The way that this leash is made it has a little spring to it when pulled, so doesn't just completely jerk your arm off if the dog tries to take off all of the sudden. SQUIRREL!!

Step 1:

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Start by holding the snap in one hand and take your two pieces of cord, going through the eye of the snap, try to get the snap as close to the center of the two pieces as you can. Leaving about half of each piece on either side of the snap. You might want to make a mark so you know where center is. Now make an "X" shape with the two cords.

Step 2:

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Now take the top left piece and fold it down over the other left side piece. Continue doing this until you get to the fourth piece. Going counter clock wise or clock wise just start on the right side. Now take the fourth piece and tuck it through the loop of the first piece and pull all of the pieces as tight as you can. You might want to enlist some help or secure two of the pieces that are across from each other, so you can get it really tight. Now repeat going left, right, left, right, or right, left, right, left depending on how you started, until you get about 10 to 12 inches from the end.

Step 3:

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Now you can finish with a lanyard knot like I did or you can figure out a different way to tie it off and make a handle. I used the one from here:

I did a lanyard knot using two of the cords and wove the other two through the center. Then I took two of the cords, twisted them together into two sides for a handle and finished with another lanyard knot, using the two longest pieces for the last knot. Now put a little spot of super glue in the middle after pulling the remaining two pieces through the middle and your set.

Again any suggestions on how to make or explain this better are welcome! Thanks!


Buggybog (author)2017-11-14

i cant show it right now but iv been making my dogs leash since i got him when your making the handle put it threw a gaped knot and then continue the rope as you were and u will have a tidy handle ill send a pic when i have the chance me explaining feels like random rambaling

propringle1 (author)2016-04-30

instead of using the clip shown i was thinking about using a panic snap clip shown below do you think this would look good? will also post pictures when im done

jdavis8 (author)propringle12016-04-30

Yes, I do think it will look nice good!

Bender Rodriguez made it! (author)2015-04-22

So, due to having childhood experience in making lanyards, I decided to do a slightly more complex leash and made a spiral or circle lanyard instead. I feel the circle lanyard lends a more rope-like appearance to the leash. It also makes it harder to stretch, witch I would suspect is better for larger dog breeds. Overall, I am very happy with this instructable. Also, I started with a 100' hank, cut it in half, and then cut one of the new 50' lengths in half again for this leash. No measuring! BTW, the carabiners I used are stainless 5/16" thick metal by ~3" tall, and can be had in a pack of four on Amazon for $15, which is a great price for such heavy duty clips.

Tl;dr I loved it, and will probably make it again.

jdavis8 (author)Bender Rodriguez2015-04-23

Looks nice, good job!

jdavis8 (author)Bender Rodriguez2015-04-23

I have used this leash on all dog sizes and strenghts from Great Danes to pinchers to pit bull/bull dogs to smaller dogs the size of a Shih tzu with no problem. It works great for any size of dog.

spoonpricked (author)2015-04-16

Extremely good...!!

Absinthe-Dragon (author)2015-04-11

Great Instructable!

I am going to try and make this for one of my dogs.

What length of Paracord did you start with and how long was the Leash when finished?

Thank you,

Absinthe Dragon

lovingthis (author)2015-04-09

Mine is a ? where do you get the cord ? I love it, my dog has a leash (that I miss already) because I have not seen another like it, is super strong and I am afraid I am not going to find one that good when I have to replace it, Now the next best thing make it and thanks to you I may just do that if I can follow your intructions.

werikblack (author)lovingthis2015-04-10

If you search for paracord on Amazon, they have a good selection from several vendors. I've ordered from Paracord Planet and one other place whose name escapes me, and haven't had problems with any of these. If you go to one of the paracord-specific sites, they generally have specials for overstock.

jdavis8 (author)lovingthis2015-04-10

Most hobby stores have Paracord or look in the craft section of other stores.

paulbsa (author)2015-04-09

Nice job. I'm going to modify this into an ukulele strap.

jdavis8 (author)paulbsa2015-04-09


artchick500 (author)2015-04-04

Nice! How long is the finished leash?

jdavis8 (author)artchick5002015-04-05

If you do it with two 25' pieces of paracord folded in half like this instuctable says,it will give you a leash around 4' long.

jdavis8 (author)jdavis82015-04-05

Another thing. The leash will stretch some at first. Depending on how tight you get the knots when you make the leash.

dhaykus0418 (author)2015-04-04

This look cool, been meaning to make one for my brothers dog for a while. Are you using gutted cord or just as it comes?


jdavis8 (author)dhaykus04182015-04-04

Using it straight from the package.

dhaykus0418 (author)jdavis82015-04-05

Okay, thanks again.

mprice22 (author)2015-04-04

I like the idea

jdavis8 (author)mprice222015-04-04


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