Dog Obedience the Easy Way. Step One: Sit!




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Introduction: Dog Obedience the Easy Way. Step One: Sit!

You really can train your dog well, and have an obedient dog, given the right understandings and methods.

Even if you've not had success with dog obedience training before, this is not your fault. With the correct information on how to do it, dog training is simple, straightforward, easy to learn and effective.

Teaching your pup to sit is his first lesson. There are several good reasons why you should start with this command.

For more great instructional info on dog and puppy training, see



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    I was kind of disappointed viewing this as it really was a lot of visual text and someone reading it to me. This probably is more like a narrated instructional "article" rather than a video or maybe a Power Point presentation .

    You told me to click the link below to view more free video's but there was no active link that I could find. I did see this link: (( but going there I found no video's, not a one?