Picture of Dog Poop Bag Holder from Used Prescription Bottle!
Here's a way to use up old prescription bottles and clean up after your best friend! They are easy and fun to make and make good gifts for dog owners.

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Tools

Picture of Gather Supplies and Tools
a large size prescription bottle with a neck
a clip style keychain
a plastic zip tie (or wire)
a soldering iron (or drill bit)
Optional: Stickers or contact paper for decorating (I used bamboo contact paper and stickers from and Old Navy promotion)

5STARGBLOOD4 years ago
i have a us army carabeiner on mine
HarveyH444 years ago
I don't pick up after my Lab, but he has sort of a weird habit. It deposits on bushes a shrubs, almost without failure. Good for the plants, and unlikely to get stuck to someone's shoe, unless they are working on the landscaping...
iPodGuy4 years ago
I'm making one of these right now. Great idea!