"Dog Proof" Cat Litter Box





Introduction: "Dog Proof" Cat Litter Box

Litter pans are a problem.  Especially when you have a large cat who can't fit in a small litter box and a dog who considers cat poop a delicacy.  It's been a struggle to find a commercial litter box the cat can enter and the dog can't.  As a result, I decided to make my own using 2 storage crates I purchased from Wal-Mart for around $20.  The smaller crate sits inside the larger one creating a "foyer" so dogs can't reach the litter pan.  The roomy crate is large enough even for big male cats who have poor aim.

"Dog Proof" may not be as accurate as "Dog Resistent" or "Dog Challenging", but so far it has worked well in our household.  In fact, our dog has given up on raiding the litter pan so I consider it a complete success.  We have large retrievers who are much too big to fit through the doors, although small breed dogs could walk into the litter box just like a cat.  By altering the size of the door openings, however, this design should accommodate many cats & dogs.  Another feature of having a box with a "foyer" is most of the litter on your cat's feet will stay inside the large crate as they exit. 

Let me show how to build this inexpensive litter box for your cat...and not your dog.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need ...

This project requires very little in materials and tools to complete.  Here's a list:

30 gallon storage crate
18 gallon storage crate
The 2 crates need to be similarly shaped so they seat nicely together.

1 1/2" hole saw & drill
Scrap wood
4 wood screws
Small piece of mat or carpet

Step 2: Creating the Foyer

Before cutting the holes in the crates, I made a false floor in the foyer to anchor the inner pan at the rear of the larger crate.  The distance between the fronts prevents dogs from being able to reach the litter pan.  In the first pic, the bottom board is a 2x6 and the top board is 1/2" plywood.  Use 3 or 4 wood screws to secure the boards together.  The combined thickness of the 2 boards and mat is 3 1/2" thick.  The boards and mat can be removed for cleaning.

Step 3: Cutting the Doors

Because our cat is a big male, I made the doors somewhat large knowing our dogs wouldn't be able to enter.  The doors are 5 1/2" wide and 8 1/2" tall.  Alternatively, you could cut a circle if you have a smaller dog who likes to raid the pan.  Using the false floor and mat as a guide, I used a 3/4" scrap board to mark the bottom of both doors.  This insures the floor is below the bottom of the door and allows for adding a piece of carpet in the future.  Carpet would do a better job of removing cat litter as your cat exits the pan.  The door lip also allows for a 4" deep inner pan to hold the litter.

Once the door dimensions were marked, I also marked points 3/4" from each corner for drilling the 1 1/2" holes.  This is primarily for appearance and you could simply freehand the door opening also.  Pic 2 shows the 4 holes and I used my jigsaw to cut between the holes and complete the door openings.  The top cut is much easier to make from inside the box.  A file was used to smooth the cuts and remove any burrs.  Pic 3 shows the completed opening and foyer.

Step 4: Let There Be Light!

In my experience, some cats don't like dark caverns so I added some holes in the top for light.  I used my 1 1/2" holesaw again to make 8 holes along the outside edges.  Pic 2 shows the interior of the box with the lid in place.  

All you need now is some litter and a quick prayer your cat will actually use it.  Cats can be picky but what's not to love about this box.  Our cat, who is very particular, has been very happy and we've been pleased to not have the dogs in the litter box anymore.  Hope this cheap & easy project makes your critters happy as well!



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I have to try this!!!

This is a great idea, but it doesn't help with a small Torkie. They could still get into the kitty liter box.

this is brilliant! My dog just barfed up cat poop all over my lap, and he was nearly banished to the outside, had I not found this. Going to get my storage tubs now!! Thank you very much!

I have a "full figured" cat and a sneaky poop-eating dog. We had to open the door on the pet gate so she can get through, but the dog can get through too! This is a GREAT solution!!

I need this in my life. You may be a Genius. I mean I have a baby gate to gate the litter off, of course my husband can't keep the bloody thing closed. But this. This may be the answer.

Great idea. FYI, I struggled forever on keeping my dog out of the cats litter box and finally found this product and it might solve your problem. I have had it up about 4 months and it has worked surprisingly well. My dog has yet to enter the laundry room were I have it and my cat goes in and out all the time. If you want to check it out it was at: www.TheDoorBuddy.com

I LOVE this idea - we have two cats that intimidate each other when they see the other using the box, one cat that is a standing pee-er, and a dog who wants all the poop candies with pee-flavored sprinkles. We've tried every high-sided, covered box that we have been able to find but still have issues because of the standing pee-er. Her urine always gets in the gap between the cover and the box, proceeding to leak all over the floor. Gross! I think this will be a perfect solution. Thanks for the instructable!

Question: Did you need to file down the cut plastic at all? ...is it sharp?

1 reply

Great! I hope it works for you. You don't need to file it just fold a piece of medium grit (120/150) sand paper over the edge and sand it. That's enough remove burs. Good luck!

Thank you for this genius idea! I made one over the weekend and so far so good!

1 reply


Couldnt you simplify this by putting your existing litter pan in the outer tub? (Assuming the dog is larger than the outer hole)

1 reply

You could. One of our dogs pushed too hard through outer door and would collapse it inward. Using another tub inside prevented that happening and increased the distance of litter pan from entrance.

You are a genius! I have the same problem with my dogs, and they eat it on my bed, yuk! I bet this also keeps more litter inside vs out. Can't wait to try this, thanks

I absolutely love this idea! What's crazy is that we don't have a dog, but a toddler! A curious toddler! Definitely going to try this

I have two cats. I have looked and looked for a solution to the odor. My dog, a Puggle, does not mess with their poo, thank God. We recently bought a new home, and I did not want the cats to track any litter around in it. This is such a neat idea, that I am making it tomorrow! I agree that pet supply manufacturers should be mass producing this! What cat owner wouldn't give to get rid of cat odor. Thank you so much for this idea! Many blessings to you, and yes, I voted for this!

Great idea! Gonna have to modify to keep my wily and small jack russell out though. I also think I'd put a bit of plexiglass across the top as I can't see my rather fussy cat going in otherwise.

The foam around the edge is a nice touch, but if you could put an edge that would "brush" the cat when it went in and out, it would help groom the cat and save time cleaning the upholstery. Love the idea, because my dogs think our cats are little pez dispensers too. Now if we could figure out how to keep them out of the stalls in the barn!

1 reply

Good idea. Even carpet would help knock it off their feet. We have horses also and that is primo stuff to our dogs too.

I did the same basic design! You can paint the outside of it also to match your bathroom. I'm going to do Pumpkins lite blue container with grass and flowers on it! Also you can split a foam pipe and put around the cut out doors to give it a finished look! :) It's GREAT Idea!

1 reply

I am so glad you mentioned finishing the edges with the foam pipes. I cannot wait to try this!! This may forever change our lives!