Dog Proofing My Washing Machine Drain Line.




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Introduction: Dog Proofing My Washing Machine Drain Line.

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My doggies have a nasty habit of removing the washing machine drain line in their quest to rearrange my garage. See one of the main culprits?

Time to fix this mess.

Step 1: The Drain Line.

See the teeth marks? My doggies eat most anything: plastic, car tires, mud guards, pepper, Veges, Styrofoam, other dogs etc.

The drain line is actually flexible conduit used for electrical installations. It has metal on the inside.

Step 2: Getting to Drilling!

Using a masonry bit and my cordless hammer drill I made 2 holes.

Step 3: Installing Anchors.

Using wall plugs and stainless steel screws, I made 2 anchor points.

Step 4: Securing the Drain Line.

Using aluminum wire I looped a length around the anchors.

Step 5: Completion!

Twist tying the wire onto the drain line, now my wicked doggies can't remove it easily.



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    why not let the dogs drill the holes with their teeth! rawr!

    1 reply

    Hahaha. Omg. Good idea but they rather eat my car tires. I'm serious, they busted up a tire really bad.

    lol , my dog play in similar way , I will try your idea