Say you've got a humungous ginormous beast of a dog. Say said dog drinks oodles of water to fill up that huge body. Then say said dog splashes water and slobber and yuck in like a ten foot radius. On top of that, you just painted the wall behind his water bowl and the water sprays are super streaky.

Step 1: Find Old Shelf.

In an effort to stop the water from ruining our house, I found a particle board shelf that was leftover from a unit that didn't survive a move. Materials hoarder that I am, I kept the shelves thinking they'd be good for something someday. Someday arrived.

I propped it up between the wall and the bowl then walked away wholly dissatisfied with its overall general lack of tasteful appearance.

Step 2: Come Up With a Cool Plan.

The next day I was staring at that sad particle board when it hit me: carve out a city skyline!

I drew up some random shapes trying to keep the center most practical, yet be stylish.

Step 3: Start Cutting.

I began with the 3" circular saw I had, cutting away larger chunks and the straight lines.

Step 4: Keep Cutting.

Next I used my jigsaw to get into corners and finer details.

Step 5: Paint.

I used a can of white spray paint that I had laying around. I'll likely go back with a can of Plasti Dip as that stuff worked incredibly well on the water bowl stand that I built.

Step 6: Attach.

I attached the cutout to the wall using screws I found in my vast collection of randoms, washers to dress it up in a sort of industrial chic kinda way, and wall anchors.

Step 7: Wait....

Drill through the cutout into the wall, drill out the wall holes larger, cram in the anchors, screw in the screws then wait...

Step 8: Rejoice!

It works! I have saved the wall from the beast's watery ways. Yay!

<p>I thought it was going to be the solution for a slobbery dog not to slob on me when they approach me after running around or when they shake their heads, but this is also a cool idea, and I guess if you own one of those dogs, you don't really mind them slobbering on you from time to time. Do you?</p>
Ya know, it comes with the territory I guess and is what it is. :) Sadly I do not have a solution for that unfortunate dilemma unless we wear rain ponchos 24/7 which, hey, I just may do actually. Thanks!
No problem. It is like my cats' hair. If you love the pet, you love the side effects!
<p>Cool! So the beastie has a city skyline view while having a drink! </p><p>Great idea! </p>
Glad you saw that too! Thanks so much!
<p>I made this :)</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DiY-Anti-Mess-Elevated-Dog-Feeder/">https://www.instructables.com/id/DiY-Anti-Mess-Elevated-Dog-Feeder/</a></p>
Oh clever! Like a cubbie when I was...a...kid. Never mind, but clever idea!

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