Picture of Dog Travel Hammock!

Funky travel hammock for you best friend! A cleaver way to keep your dog safe and your car clean(er)... If you live where there are laws about dogs being restrained in vehicles this is a great way to do it :)

This system uses the adjustable height headrests to support a heavy weight denim hammock, so obviously isn't suitable for vehicles which have fixed headrests. This hammock is secured with pockets cut into the denim and heavy duty cable ties, so there is no modification or damage to the vehicle!

Quick safety pointer: DO NOT clip your dog in by the collar, have a safety approved car travel harness!!!

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Step 1: Things you will need!

For this project you will need;

  • sewing machine (I would not recommend doing this by hand, not only would it take you forever, it would not be strong enough to support your dog safely)
  • pins
  • thread
  • scissors
  • chalk
  • tap measure
  • a helper (2 legged kind is good, reaching to measure can be tricky)
  • heavy weight denim
  • Dowel (heavier the dog the thicker the dowel)
  • hand saw
  • Hobby/craft/stanley knife
  • heavy duty cable ties
  • seat belt to dog clip adapter (from the pet store)

Step 2: Measure!

Picture of Measure!

as always measure twice and cut once!

Things you need to measure:

1. the width of the back seat just behind the headrests.
2. the distance from just inside the door to where you want the hammock to stop, measure just behind the headrest of the front seat.
3. long the seat, how far in you want the hammock to go (this will end up the same as 2)
4. \_/ shape where the hammock rests on the seat to support your furry friend! a, b and c as individual measurements is easier. Allow for some slack in this so it is comfortable, but not so much that you friend can fall off the seat!
5. the distance between the base of the headrests.

Step 3: Acquire Materials!

Picture of Acquire Materials!

Go forth and gather!!!

Find the right amount of dowel for measurements 1 and 2!
Source enough heavy denim or other such heavy fabric! See diagram!

NB: diagram may require some interpretation...

Is that a Blue Merle Collie?

sarahofsydney (author)  voipbuster90921 days ago
Thanks for asking. She is a tri-colour Rough Collie.
abunda1 year ago

hey. you must sell this. there are not seat-belts for dogs.

kollaosk abunda5 months ago

I have a dog Harness that is a seat belt as well. when the seats are full of humans though the dog has to be in the back (suv) and then I have a leash tied to a D ring in the floor of the trunk that I fasten to her Harness. not only is it dangerous for the dog to be free inside a car in case of an accident but a free dog can be thrown around and greatly injure others.

To the OP this is a very nice ible I show it to my friends :)

MargaretR2 abunda6 months ago

Seat belts for Dogs are sold in Canada. I have one for my Buddy.

looop451 year ago
Genius! Maybe we can the dog on vacations now!

What a wonderful idea to keep things clean and contain pups of a larger size. My hairy husky-shepherd mix usually coats the whole car in his fur. I can't wait to make one of these!

Thank you so much , my dog drives me nuts when traveling , on my lap , then on the floor , on my lap , you get the idea this is great thanks again

sarahofsydney (author)  moberlylady1 year ago

It would be lovely if you could post a picture if you make one :D