A baker decided to create a batch biscuits using his new recipe. But when he sampled a biscuit he decided it was too disgusting to sell, so he fed it to his dogs. His dogs ate the biscuits excitedly! The baker sold them as dog treats. They were a huge success! This was bought by another buisness man who named it Milk-Bone.
Today dog treats are used for training, rewards, and snacks.

Step 1: How to Make a Homemade Dog Biscuit of Your Own

It is fairly easy to make a batch of homemade dog biscuits. For me it took about an hour and 15 minutes. You can find most of the food needed right in your house!
You forgot to tell when to ad the sugar but otherwise good recipe<br />
i would strongly discourage using while wheat flour in this recipe, as many dogs have allergies to wheat (and soy). you could easily substitute brown rice, oats(add in more or use oat flour), or even beans, either chickpea flour, or you could&nbsp;try grinding your own beans. you coud use potato, but i dont think it has much nutritional value for your dog. same goes for corn.
Thanks for the idea, I'll change it as soon as possible.<br />
im going to try this
Made it today with no sugar or milk (no milk in the house). Substituted water for milk, and used chopped chicken instead of turkey and bacon, as well as spelt flour instead of wheat. They turned out very nice, and my doggy loves them! Great training treat, and I like the fact that the ingredients are all organic. One tip - I would freeze the unused portion, as I had some lovely all-natural dog treats that went moldy after they were left out in our moist early summer.
My dogs love it!
I'm curious to how the recipe would turn out with out that little bit of sugar? Have you ever tried it? The last time my dog had sugar (albeit and accident) she was on a sugar high for 2 days. Now I check her food to make sure its not in any part of the ingredient list....
It shouldn't alter the recipe too much. As long as you add the main ingredients like the quick oats and turkey it should turn out fine.

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