During the warmer months I take my dog on a daily walk. I wanted a bag that conveniently held all that I need for the walks...plastic bags, water bottle, dog bowl, cell phone, driver's license, debit card or cash, etc. The bag is also big enough to carry dog treats or even food if you are going on an extended trip. The bottle pocket holds a 20oz water bottle. I also wanted a separate place to put the used bags. I looked all over and couldn't find the bag that I wanted, so I decided to make one with all my desired features.

The bag has a divided front pocket, one side for cell phone and one for DL, cash, etc. I used 100% cotton canvas for the front pocket so I could print a picture of my dog and iron it on the pocket to personalize the tote.

I used hemp backing for the straps for strength and closely woven poplin for the bag, pockets and the lining. This is a sturdy bag that will last a long time! And what a great gift idea...just snap a picture of your friend's pooch and sew away. Your friend will have a wonderful one of a kind personalized bag for dog walking!

Step 1: Supplies for Dog Walking Tote Bag


2 10" X 8" pieces of 100% cotton fabric for the front pocket and lining in a light color. Use firmly woven fabric.

1 1/3 yds heavy cotton or cotton blend duck, poplin or denim fabric 52" wide (the fabric store can convert for you if your fabric is a different width)

thread to match your bag

2 1/3 yds hemp webbing for the strap back

T Shirt transfer paper for light fabrics, computer and laser jet printer

ruler (I like the clear quilter's rulers 3" wide)

fabric marker


iron and ironing board

permanent black fabric marker

sewing pins

<p>Love this .... Can't wait to make one with my pooch on the front ... Also lovely gift for friends with pets .. I guess I'll be busy between now &amp; next Christmas! lol </p>
<p>Thanks, I am so glad you are going to make one. Be sure to post a picture. Can't wait to see it!</p>
<p>What a cute dog! Thanks for sharing your great bag! </p>
<p>Thanks, and you are welcome!</p>

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