Give your dog the attention it deserves with a dedicated dog washing station! With a few off-the-shelf hardware store parts and a classy fixture by Moen, you can keep your dog clean and add a nice accent to your home.

I made this project with some basic woodworking tools, some plumbing fittings, and garden hoses for water supply and drainage. It has the added bonus of using the drain water to keep your plants healthy while you’re under state-imposed water restrictions!

Step 1: Tools & Materials


  1. Weymouth brushed nickel two-handle tub filler with hand shower by Moen. This fixture fits the project stylistically, and the hand shower attachment makes washing a dog an easy task.


  1. Table saw (or circular saw)
  2. Hand drill
  3. Band saw (or jigsaw)
  4. Nail gun (or hammer and finishing nails)
  5. Wood glue + clamps
  6. E-6000 Construction adhesive
  7. Teflon tape
  8. Pliers & crescent wrench

Platform Materials

  1. 3/4” plywood (about 4’X4’)
  2. 1X6 redwood boards (about 27 linear feet)
  3. 2X4 lumber (about 24” total)
  4. 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" hardwood posts (four at 8" long)
  5. 30” Galvanized steel wash tub

Plumbing Materials

  1. Strainer drain1” PVC elbow
  2. Male 1" to female 3/4" PVC adaptor
  3. 3" long 3/4" PVC pipe segment
  4. Female 3/4" to 3/4" male threaded PVC adaptor
  5. Female to female faucet thread to hose thread adaptor
  6. Male to male faucet thread to hose thread adaptor
  7. 3/4" threaded pipe cap
  8. Galvanized plumbing tape
  9. Two garden hoses
<p>This is a bunch of dogwash.</p>
<p>I think it would be better to raise the platform up so you don't need to kneel to wash the dog. Need a larger basin for bigger dogs for me. If raised, then a ramp up would also be nice to have for older dogs.</p>
<p>This instructable is fine and everything, but I think to prove beyond any doubt that this station is as effective as you claim you should really include more pictures of Elsie. Maybe a video of her splashing around in the mud, some shots of her looking sheepish about being so dirty, and a gif of her shaking off the water to get dry? Just some constructive suggestions.</p>
<p>I couldn't agree more. We tried to get footage of that, but it hasn't rained here in at least 4 years, so mud was out of the question.</p>
<p>Tough crowd here. </p><p>Props for your design and build.</p><p>Nice work and post.</p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>i already have a dog washing station. It has a nice Moen fixture .We refer to it as &quot;the bathtub.&quot; Cuz that's what it is. Hey, if it's good enough for me it's good enough for my dog!</p>
<p>I dunno, I'm not crazing about taking a bath with leftover dog hair...</p>
Haha! I know! But that's why ya get one of those strainer covers. Plus, my border collie is 75 lbs so I'd have to get a bigger place to give him his own bathtub! I mean, I love him and all, but...
<p>Here are my $.02 - I agree with Hammer - and you - about getting off your knees, and the storage space - which I'd use not only for critter toiletries, but also home-type pet health care items. I'd also make the table portion bigger, to allow for additional grooming, and health checks/1st aid (ear mites, a thorn in your lion's paw, etc). The only other thing might be a low-heat blow drier, and for myself, it would be great for all of the critters on our (future) 'compound', lol. </p>
<p>But, but, you are on your knees! I would build this up where I could stand rather than be this low. </p>
<p>Good idea! You could have storage beneath it too.</p>
<p>Wow! That's neat, but what impresses me even more is the photo of you and your dog bonding over a bath! As the saying goes, &quot;Those pictures are worth a thousand words!&quot; </p>
<p>Reminds me of Sunday night baths in the kitchen, in a galvanised tin bath, which I still have (couldn't get in it now). Put me off baths and washing for good. How times have changed - the pooch gets better treatment than kids did in the fifties - but who wouldn't?</p>
<p>You can get galvanized tubs which are elongated (oval shaped).<br>Farm Supply stores, Feed stores, and &quot;Mom &amp; Pop&quot; hardware stores tend to have them. <br>Unless you have a round dog, it should work better.</p>
<p>Very clean design!</p><p>I have only a couple of thoughts.</p><p>I do not like the idea of securing of the drain to the tub with the wood &quot;floor&quot; as part of the water path. I would rather see the drain clamped to the tub directly and the tub then secured with a secondary clamp now separated from the water flow system as would be done in a &quot;normal&quot; tub installation.</p><p>I am not too happy with the minimal clamping system for the pipe risers to the faucet. The clamping method is excellent. I would only like to see it more robust. There is considerable bending moment stress at the clamp due to the length of the risers. When you write that Moen supplies wall clamps I am unfamiliar with what Moen supplies, and therefore, I am confused. It is a clean design with the risers unencumbered by wall clamps. Consequently, a floor clamping system must adequately perform the duty that a wall support would give. I do grant that the loads encountered by this pet washing system would probably be less than the loads encountered in a normal tub install, but I am still concerned.</p><p>I agree that a metal tub is an excellent choice. A &quot;laundry&quot; tub, as some have suggested, would be a terrible choice. The flexing encountered due to the very low stiffness of that product would create many problems.</p><p>Again, a very nice design and execution.</p>
<p>Thanks for the compliments! The clamp I made feels really sturdy, but I'd love to see an example of the method you're talking about. I know very little about the nitty gritty details of plumbing installation. </p><p>Here's a photo of the "double riser tub filler floor-mount rough-in" that comes with the fixture. As you can see, using this would leave you with a rock-solid installation.</p>
<p>Wow! That build looks like a lot of work! But way to go on gettin' er done, and even get sponsored by Moen! </p><p>I use the bed of my truck. Maybe I'll post an instructable since it drains great on the sloping driveway, is the perfect height and my large breed dog prefers it since he hates being confined. I used to use a kid pool but I was bending over and he hated being penned in there. </p>
<p>Man, that's a great idea! Already sloped to drain water, plenty of space... A nice project might be a truck bed hose/bucket setup: a basket that hangs on the side of the bed keeping your hose in place and all the soap and towels handy.</p>
<p>This is perfect for those with smaller apartments, or without a yard. </p><p>Next time, can you please find a cuter dog? :)</p>
<p>Ugly dogs only!</p>
<p>Good work and cute dog! I had to wash my puppy in the sink one time... it looked as pathetic as is sounds.</p>
<p>Sinks are not for fancy dogs.</p>
Love the look on Elsies face, great video!
<p>Yeah, she was very cooperative.</p>
<p>Will this work with my cat?</p>
<p>No cats allowed!</p>
Terriffic idea. I would like to make this for an outdoor setting. Great instructable.
<p>Yeah, a garage would also be a good place.</p>
<p>Great idea but i went to Lowes and bought a laundry tub,deep enough so dog won't jump out.</p>
<p>Goo call. I had a really hard time finding this tub! I searched far and wide and the best one I could find was this one at Home Depot.</p>
<p>OMG! Did anybody price this plumbing fixture? This is a really cool design but Moen lists that faucet fixture at over $2000. Still, a really nice design and I'm pretty sure a post apocalypse version could be made for under $70. Thanks for the inspiration, my dogs will hate you forever.</p>
<p>Fancy dogs only!</p>
<p>Why wouldn't you just use the laundry tub??</p>
<p>What's a laundry tub?</p>
<p>This is fantastic! The perfect size for little Elsie too. :D </p><p>Roscoe needs a kiddie pool sized version of this! ha</p>
<p>jessy, my Rascal would need a cattle watering tank version. i feel your pain.</p>

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