Introduction: Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

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Durable dispenser for dog waste bags.

Step 1: Parts

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1" PVC slip cap $0.98

1-1/4" PVC male adapter $0.74

1-1/4" PVC cap $0.98

hex nut $0.26

hex bolt $0.22

eye bolt $0.49

Total 3.67

Step 2: Drill Holes

Picture of Drill Holes

Drill holes in the center of the two caps.

Step 3: Fasten Bolts

Picture of Fasten Bolts

Cut the eye bolt to size and fasten to the female threaded cap. Fasten the longer bolt to the slip cap.

Step 4: Drill a Hole in the Male Adapter

Picture of Drill a Hole in the Male Adapter

Insert the slip cap with the bolt into the male adapter. Insert a waste bag roll to measure the center of the role. Drill a hole here to dispense the bags.

Step 5: Complete Units

Picture of Complete Units

Dispenser is now ready for the wast bag roll. Insert and screw on the threaded cap. Make any adjustments necessary.

Step 6: Same Crap, Different Bag.

Picture of Same Crap, Different Bag.

You can sand and paint the unit for aesthetic appeal, but it's ready to use. Let's bag some turds.


marmstrong22 (author)2017-05-27

Why is the long bolt necessary?

djpolymath (author)marmstrong222017-05-28

The roll of bags threads onto the long bolt and acts as an axle. It isn't necessary, but adds stability.

ewautvanwassenhove (author)2016-02-04

awesome! I will use it next year!

whopoder (author)2016-02-02

Good solution!

3366carlos (author)2016-02-01

super man!

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