Introduction: Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

Durable dispenser for dog waste bags.

Step 1: Parts

1" PVC slip cap $0.98

1-1/4" PVC male adapter $0.74

1-1/4" PVC cap $0.98

hex nut $0.26

hex bolt $0.22

eye bolt $0.49

Total 3.67

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill holes in the center of the two caps.

Step 3: Fasten Bolts

Cut the eye bolt to size and fasten to the female threaded cap. Fasten the longer bolt to the slip cap.

Step 4: Drill a Hole in the Male Adapter

Insert the slip cap with the bolt into the male adapter. Insert a waste bag roll to measure the center of the role. Drill a hole here to dispense the bags.

Step 5: Complete Units

Dispenser is now ready for the wast bag roll. Insert and screw on the threaded cap. Make any adjustments necessary.

Step 6: Same Crap, Different Bag.

You can sand and paint the unit for aesthetic appeal, but it's ready to use. Let's bag some turds.


marmstrong22 (author)2017-05-27

Why is the long bolt necessary?

djpolymath (author)marmstrong222017-05-28

The roll of bags threads onto the long bolt and acts as an axle. It isn't necessary, but adds stability.

ewautvanwassenhove (author)2016-02-04

awesome! I will use it next year!

whopoder (author)2016-02-02

Good solution!

3366carlos (author)2016-02-01

super man!

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