Dog Water Alarm (V2)





Introduction: Dog Water Alarm (V2)

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Let's be honest, there have been times where you forgot to give your dog water. This WiFi fog bowl will help to solve that problem using a LinkIt Smart Duo and some household items!

Step 1: Parts

1) Dog Bowl

2) LinkIt Smart Duo

3) Foil

4) 1meg Ohm resistor

5) Wire

Step 2: Program

This part is easy, download the code from my site Download the Blynk app get your auth token, add it to the code then upload it to the board.

You will also need to setup the bridge in the LinkIt server configuration manager

Step 3: Wire

This is super easy also, just put a 1meg Ohm resistor between pins 2 and 3 and connect pin 3 to the bowl

Step 4: Sensor

Tape the aluminum foil in place then attach everything else on to it.

Step 5: Test

Slowly pour water into it the values should rise, if they don't then you will need to edit the min/max values in the code.



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    9 Discussions

    Im confused as to the foil on the back. Is there a hole in the bowl with the foil covering it, so the water touches it?

    3 replies

    No it uses capacitance so it doesn't need to come in contact

    So if the foil doesn't come in contact with the water, how can it be the sensor? Are you using a special bowl that lets it?

    It uses capacitance. And capacitance can be measured through thin materials

    I think you need to add a lot more detail to this.

    These made it more clear to me:

    did you have use a special bowl to receive values with enough difference?

    I am currently working on a Float Sensor using LEDs (1 output/ 1 receive) for Christmas Tree bowl water level, but this approach seems easier, cheaper, less dangerous, and you get water level verses full/empty. Sweet.

    This is awesome but can you please elaborate on each step. I especially don't understand that the aluminum foil is doing on the back? what is the sensor?

    Your blynk app also shows treat and feed. please make Instructables for those too or add it here.

    It would be amazing if I could feed my dog from work at a certain time and give him random treats.

    1 reply

    Hello, thank you for the advice. The aluminum foil is the capacitive sensor. It is capacitance to read the amount of water in the bowl. I will be doing more tutorials soon with the other functions but I'm really busy so I may be a few weeks. But stay tuned because I will be posting them.

    Awesome tutorial up until this point but could you upload a photo of the reverse side of the bowl?

    1 reply

    Hello, thanks for asking but I'm not sure what you mean. I showed the top and bottom l, what are exactly looking for and I will be happy to add it. ?