Recently, I started taking my dog to an agility class. Once per week didn’t seem like enough practice, so I began to build some of the obstacles at home, as seen in my collection of dog agility obstacles. The A frame is an apparatus that is quite expensive to purchase, but not difficult to build. You can buy all the lumber and construct a very pretty regulation-sized version, but I wanted to make it for zero cost. Aesthetics were not important, just function. The result was somewhat crude and smaller than official size, but perfectly adequate for home practice.

Materials: two interior doors, two hinges, pallet wood, screws, screw eyes, chain, snaps, paint, sand

Tools: screwdriver, table saw, paint brush

Step 1: ​Hinge the Doors

I had two interior doors stored in a shed with some lumber and building supplies. These were regular, wooden, hollow-core, closet doors that had been taken out of a house. They were kind of old and dinged up, so I probably was never going to use them for any greater purpose. They happened to be the same width (24”), though one was an inch shorter in height than the other. I pulled two decent hinges out of my bucket of screws, bolts and other hardware. I squared up the doors on my driveway and screwed the hinges onto the ends so that the doors were hinged together at the top and oriented so that the doors could fold completely together. These form the basis of the A frame.

<p>I compete in several dog sports that utilize an A frame (IPO &amp; agility) and have lamented over not having one for quite some time/years now. So, I was THRILLED to come across your 'ible today! Thank you! Now to find doors and a handy man who is willing to build it! hmmmm not sure which will be more difficult! </p>
<p>You're welcome. </p>
<p>Nice dog training tool You should enter this in the Animal Innovation contest.</p>
<p>Thanks for letting me know about the contest. I have entered it.</p>
<p>nice i like it</p>

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Bio: I like to build useful things, especially by repurposing objects of low value.
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