I have been wanting the actual porch potty but could see spending 380$ on something my dog pisses on. My dog cant hold her urine and my porch potty is actually in my bathroom. I originally bought the pet zoom pee patch. I was sick of sticking my hands near where she pee's every day. So i made my version of the porch potty. i wanted the sprinklers but could find ones similar but a regular hose sprinkler could work just don't turn on to hi. my porch potty is 3ftx2ft.
2- 6x8 wood beam-$5 each 
3ft of linoleum- $12 
tubing for the drain i used 4 feet - $3
screws- $5
tub caulk- $4
artificial turf  grass - $ i used what i had from my old dog potty 
linoleum glue- $4
sheet of press board- $ got a scrap piece from lowes 
1x8 wood beam -$2 
plactic square grate that is for flouesent lighting- $13
so over all I spent around $60 bucks 

Circler saw 

34922 elm ridge road ph ny left log cabin 

Step 1:

6inx 8feet wood- cut wood to what size you want and screw together. 

then cut plywood to fit inside 

use the 1x1 and cut  to length to fit in side to brace plywood 
make sure plywood and 1x1 is at angle so water and urine run to one end of potty and down drain.

screw everything together and drill hole for were you want to drain to go  
Just finished this. Yours was an inspiration but I went a different way with gravel. Thanks!
<p>I would like to know more about what you did differently. </p>
I use disposal bed pad (the kind that they use in human hospital) place it in the potty tray. When my Loki did his business, I rolled the pad and put in the poop bag and throw away. I find out it is so handy and easier for me to clean up his &quot;business&quot;. Human bed pad is cheaper than the one for the pets, too.

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