Introduction: Dog Tags, Id Tags, Workout Tags, Pet Tags

Make your own tags, any shape you desire. I made mine key shape 'cuz I take my keys with me when I run or go to the gym.


Any thin metal, I used metal from a PC power supply case.

Metal sheers to cut

Engraving tool

I bought my tools at Harbor Freight for about $15.00 usd

Step 1: Dog Tags, Id Tags, Workout Tags, Pet Tags

Use one of your keys to trace the shape (or any other shape you want) onto the metal,

Mark with Sharpie the outline

Cut as desired

Drill hole

File avoid sharp edges

Engrave your desired information, I used the same info that was on my Army tags. Allergies, SSN (not recommended any more), religion, blood type, etc.

Step 2: Dog Tags, Id Tags, Workout Tags, Pet Tags

Show off your new tags.


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Bio: I prefer to make my own things whenever possible.
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