Picture of Dog toy from recycled pants
How to make a braided dog toy from recycling pants.

Step 1: Supplies used

Picture of Supplies used
Two pairs of pants
Sewing needle
Strong thread
gia4 years ago
My friend got a puppy yesterday, and I was wondering how to make puppy toys (I've made cat toys for ages, but they don't have to be as strong or chew-proof as dog toys). And this one was perfect.
I didn't have old pants so I used a pile of old t-shirts instead, and made knots to the end. I'll update once the puppy has tested it (as in if the t-shirts are as durable etc). :)
myra1mom (author)  gia4 years ago
i just adore puppy breath :) i can't wait to see pics of your creation
Instead of sewing, I did knots.

Thanks for the instructable! c:
sieburth5 years ago
Great idea!  Can you just tie the ends, rather than sew them?  I'm going to try this one tonight!
mkok597 years ago
Why,why have I been buying dog toys?
How cool!
I wish my dog was still alive. =/
He died when he was about 3 or 4 months old, my mom would have definitely have done this probably, because she sews and stuff.
Very good job, your dog is cute too. ;-)
myra1mom (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thank you for your kind comments. I am so sad about your puppy. The loss of a companion is really hard. One of our of our pups passed on about two years ago, she was nineteen. I miss her very much. I had to remind myself how lucky I am to of shared my life with her and that other pups need love too... When we brought our baby boy into our home I wasn't sure if I could do it. But my heart just made room for another and I am so grateful...
Thank you. Also my neighbors dog was kind of old, we knew him since we moved in, and he passed away about a year ago I think. He was my favorite dog back then. That was before I got my puppies. We had two, and we gave the brother to my mom's friend. I really want another puppy, but my mom was really sad when he died, so we are not sure yet, so we will have to wait...