all dogs should be trained to some standard. All dogs should know basic manners. Most dogs should know important things. Some dogs know tricks. I take pride in the fact that my dog is trained to the best of my ability and is always learning. All this is important if your dog is to be around other dogs, and taken out in public. Here I've included training tips and how to teach your dog important things.

Step 1: Heirarchy - a Puppies Place

Dogs should be at the bottom of the heirarchy, you should be at the top. You need to show your dog who's boss! To show your dog that you are "top dog" theres a few simple things that you can do:
Eat before your dog and dont ever feed the dog while you are eating.
When out walking do NOT let the dog walk in front of you. A dog walking in front is a leader. The leader should be you.
Do not let your dog get their food until you say so. Teach your dog "wait" (i will expplain how in this instructable)
If your dog watches you eat, growl at the dog. Yes growl. You might look stupid, but the dog will soon learn to stay away from you while you eat, like they would in the wild.

Credit to mrmath for this v
Best way to become alpha dog, and I've used this on huskies with serious alpha dog issues: make eye contact, and make them look away. Eye contact is big for dogs. Stare at them. Right in the eyes. Don't look away until they do, and only after they do.
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<p>obviously none of the other people who posted owned a wolf hybrid; they do in fact challenge you for 'alpha'..our female did, everyday. She was a tough one to train because of it. But very good tips:) The stay command took a bit, but got it!</p>
I kniw what you mean mine is a real challenge and at times makes me think shes autustic the way she behaves but i love her. No matter how challenging she is .
<p>Doghouse Instructions: Please explore the rest of this site to learn that how to improve the lives of chained or &ldquo;backyard dogs.&rdquo; http://dailycome.com/doghouse-instructions-and-important-tips/</p>
i have a spaniel mix he is about 2.5 years old what general tone of voice should i use when traning him should it be authoratative or gentle i dont want him to feel as if he is in trouble but i also want him to learn what i am teaching him <br> <br>thank you, <br>fidgety2
This is a bunch of outdated, incorrect information. As knackers said, dogs aren't wolves and they aren't trying to dominate us. In fact, ethologists have studied feral dog populations around the world and have concluded that they do NOT form packs. So pretending to be an &quot;alpha&quot; dog or pack leader will only confuse your dog because these things don't exist in their world. <br> <br>And forcing dogs to live together in our homes does not constitute a pack. <br> <br>http://www.jeandonaldson.com/jeans-blog-mainmenu-51/64-are-dogs-pack-animals <br> <br>I'd encourage people to look at what ethologists are saying about social behavior of dogs and how they best learn. Bullying and intimidating your dog is NOT how they learn best and is a good way to get bitten. <br> <br>Furthermore, dominant and submissive are not personality traits. Please find out about what dominance actually is before you go around misapplying the term. The article &quot;Social Dominance Is Not a Myth: Wolves, Dogs, and Other Animals&quot; by Dr. Mark Bekoff clears up what dominance and submission are and what they are not.
A dog walks in front of you to get out front. It's not a dominant behaviour. Look at any wild dog pack, including wolves, and the alpha is not out in front, it's mid-pack.<br><br>Dogs aren't trying to dominate us. They know we aren't dogs and their hierarchies don't include us. Their social structures aren't so rigid that the alpha is out front all the time. My own alpha dog rarely leads the pack. The only time he leads is when he wants to be chased. <br><br>You really don't need to think like a dog to get a dog's respect. I have seven large dogs and they're all well behaved, compete in tracking, and are do volunteer search and rescue work. You don't need to growl at them or force them to drop eye contact. I encourage eye contact with my dogs so they can learn distraction attention - they have to maintain eye contact even if there are other people present, loud noises, food temptations. It's a great way to build a relationship with your dog and they learn to look to your body for direction. As someone else states below, eye contact just indicates attention and interaction, nothing more.
gosh I 'll have to focus on &quot;drop it&quot; my dog picks up so many gross things!
Direct eye contact with an unknown dog or a more dominant dog can be interpreted as a challenge, not something that is needed or necessary to establish leadership. In fact challenges will be seen as an acknowledgement of a status of equality, and is counterproductive!<br><br>If seen as a challenge the dog can feel forced feeling trapped, not good!<br><br>With a dog that has a good relationship with the person direct eye contact simply represents attention and interaction between owner and dog. My dog sees me as leader and we can hold eye contact as enjoyable for both of us!
can`t help smiling to myself &amp; how lucky I am to have my dog as my best friend/,He is a smithfield blue heeler.I talk to him as I would to anyone &nbsp;He has never been (trained ) He just does it . &nbsp;If I go to the door to leave the house &amp; I say : mate you look after your Mum ,,He will sit on the front porch &amp; wait my return &amp; believe me he will look after his Mum &nbsp; He is 6 years old &amp; as smart as all getout ,,as they say I have sent this in to see if anyone has something nice to say about living with thier dog &nbsp;(friend) &nbsp;His name is &quot;CD &quot; &nbsp;PS &nbsp;when I say he isn`t trained ,I mean I just ask him &amp; he does it &nbsp;But he will back answer in as much ,he may say something under his breath ,,But he does as I ask with no messin about &nbsp;Thanks for reading this &nbsp; &nbsp;cddog
you care when your dog catches a bird? we praise our dog anytime he catches a bird or rabbit...and one time he brought up a deer leg, not sure how that one happened<br />
O.K. here it goes, my dog (a girl husky) is said to be the hardest breed to train.I can only bring him inside when he is fully nicely trained dog, she doesn't bark, but i need help P.S.-any tips on shedding??
I have 4 huskies and am active in Siberian Husky rescue.&nbsp; Manypeople think they are the hardest breed to train or that they'restubborn... not at all!&nbsp; The problem is that they are SMART, reallysmart, as smart as many humans.&nbsp; <br /><br />The trick to training huskies (for that matter, any working&nbsp; breed)is to respect your dog for who she is, and be someone worthy of herrespect.&nbsp; Huskies don't do well at all with any force-based methodsof training. Think about it -- this is a breed that was bred to be 20 ormore feet in front of a musher, making snap decisions that could meanthe life of the team and musher...&nbsp; and you're going to force themdo do stuff just because you tell them to?&nbsp; Not a plan...<br /><br />Make training FUN, with a purpose that makes sense to the husky.&nbsp;For example, we all know that huskies aren't retrievers, but mine willpick up and hand me things that I drop on cue.&nbsp; They do it becausethey think they're helping me, not because I made them.<br /><br />Be clear, don't confuse your husky.&nbsp; Make sure your husky knows whosigns the paycheck by asking her to 'say please' with a sit, or a down,or high-ten, or whatever you've trained her to do when ever she wantssomething from you.&nbsp; This way she'll learn that she doesn't getanything by being a jerk, but if she's nice you will give her any thingshe wants (within reason, that is!).<br /><br />Clicker training is PERFECT&nbsp;for working with huskies (or any dog,cat, bird, horse, etc, for that matter!).&nbsp; Here's a great websitewritten by a fantastic clicker trainer that teaches you how to train anydog to do just about anything you want, using a 'levels' format andclicker training:<br /><br />http://dragonflyllama.com/%20DOGS/%20Dog1/levels.html<br /><br />By the way, NEVER&nbsp;SHAVE a Nordic breed!&nbsp; This shedding istotally normal and natural.&nbsp; Their coats are extremely special --they lose (blow) their undercoat twice a year.&nbsp; First in the springthey lose their winter insulating coat, and grow a different insulationfor the summer to protect them from sunburn and heat. Then in the fallthey lose the summer coat and grow the winter coat back.&nbsp; If youshave it, you interrupt the proper growth.&nbsp; Then, it can take up toTHREE YEARS for the coat to come back correctly.&nbsp; Not to mention,if you shave them in the summer, their skin is not used to the sun andwill get sunburned.<br /><br />To get a handle on the copious amounts of shedding, brush your dog everyday during coat blow.&nbsp; Use a Furminator, or a shedding rake, or ashedding tool -- you want the old undercoat to come out so that the dogdoesn't develop hot spots.&nbsp; Alternately, if you have access to agroomer's force dryer, you can take your dog outside and aim the dryerat her while brushing to really get the hair out.<br /><br /><br />
Clipping your dog's hair will cut down on the shedding as he won't shed until the hair reaches it's "normal" length. Even if you only use scissors on his neck and tail this will help. Remember to keep him inside when his hair is short.
Best way to become alpha dog, and I've used this on huskies with serious alpha dog issues: make eye contact, and make them look away. Eye contact is big for dogs. Stare at them. Right in the eyes. Don't look away until they do, and only after they do. Then, once they look away almost immediately, mount them like a horse. Don't actually put weight on them, but be over them. They hate it, and it shows them that you are in charge. My dad had a husky with serious issues, and I did the eye contact thing with her. It took 45 minutes, but she looked away. After a few session of staring, I was the only one she would listen to. Also, LOVE your pup. Dogs, when not the alpha dog, generally want to please the alpha dog. Show your dog lots of love and respect, treat them well, and maintain your position as alpha dog, and you should have a happy, fun, loving relationship with your pet.
We really can't be 'alpha dogs' because we aren't DOGS and dogs know it -- as well, dog hierarchy is fluid. By acting &quot;dominant&quot; we're only creating problems -- and acting like that is NOT how to show your dog you respect/love them. I know, because people call ME to help them after the relationship is ruined. Check out the following links:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.avsabonline.org/avsabonline/images/stories/Position_Statements/dominance%20statement.pdf">http://www.avsabonline.org/avsabonline/images/stories/Position_Statements/dominance%20statement.pdf</a><br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.askdryin.com/dominance.php">http://www.askdryin.com/dominance.php</a><br/><br/>Behavior problems are the #1 cause of canine death in this country. By learning about the SCIENCE of animal and canine behavior and acting appropriately with out canine friends, we can help reduce that death rate...<br/><br/>
I do not have time for lessons as i have to be a caretaker at home. My dogs want to bark when people they know come over and when they are outside. Their barking is offensive and i need to stop it. Can you help?
stopping barking isnt my forte, have you tried a spray collar? those work well
lol i kept putting "he"
I am an animal lover, and dont like having to deal with seeing that happen to an animal... Having said that i do not think that letting a dog kill somthing is wrong... Its just not somthing I'd like to do
Nice job. There are many ways to train animals. I'm sure yours work well. The important things for my dog to know (she's a chow/shiba mix) are to wait at the door and not rush out as soon as it opens, come to me when she's off the leash, and wait wherever she is. It is important to have a good 'release' word for your dog. I picked "okay" which turns out to be a horrible release word because it occurs in normal conversation. If we're saying goodbye to someone at the door and she dog is focused on the great outdoors, the conversation she hears is, "blah, blah, blah, blah, OKAY," and she is out the door in a split second. So pick your release word very carefully. I also recommend teaching hand signals for all commands. Many dogs eventually go deaf and being able to communicate with them through hand signals is very important. Voice of experience here. You can teach hand signals to an old dog, too. Again, voice of experience. I don't care about teaching her to sit or lie down. I also don't care about her taking lead. The instincts from her breeds are to take the lead in a hunt. She knows I'm the alpha so she can run ahead if she wants. Interestingly she keeps an eye on me and whenever I change direction, she runs to point. This includes when she's 500 feet in front of me on the beach. My dog is allowed to jump on me and my youngest daughter but nobody else. She's good about that. She is also not allowed to chase our three cats. About once a week we'll hear a scuffle but they are very good with each other. After a few years the cats learned the dog was not going to hurt them. Being consistent, as you said in the Instructable, is key to training an animal. If you want cheap food treats, slice a pound of cheapo hot dogs into slivers. They never seem to get tired of them. Every dog we get we take to training class. The hot dog treats are the only ones that work for an entire hour of class. My dog is always completely focused on me while the other dogs are totally distracted from their owners with the expensive bagged treats.
I've been training dogs for just shy of 9 years and I can't stress the importance of a formal class. Even if you've had other dog in classes this is such an important part of socialization! Thank you for being a great Pet Parent and taking them all to class. They are all unique, just like us!
y dont u want ur dog having a bird. i have my dog chase down and eat birds, rabbits, and squirrels that way i can save dog food
I learned a great way to get my puppy to sit, without pushing his rump down. Hold a treat slightly over and behind the snout; the dog automatically sits. Once the dog sits, say SIT and then the treat. Repeat 100 times.. :-)
That would probably make someones dog sick. i really wouldn't recommend that. (@ get_going) My dog learned the drop it command instantly. I just pointed down and said drop it. Also if you aren't able to teach your dog this command and haven't yet, taking out food of any sort will most likely get their attention.
thats interesting, could i add that ? i'd never heard of that before and it sound like a great idea!

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