Step 4: Lie down, wait, Drop it

Picture of Lie down, wait, Drop it
Lie down -
Sit is needed for this. So get the dog to adopt the sit position, and hold your hand palm down, and lower your hand slowly and say "lie down", Then lift the dogs front paws and then put them down but, in the lay down position. Once the dog is in the lay down position, LOTS of praise, and treat/favourite toy. Repeat until the dog will lie down of their own accord. Then MORE praise and treat/favourite toy.

Wait -
This includes a treat. The treat needs to go on the floor, when the dog goes to get it, stop the dog and say wait. after 1 minute let the dog get the treat after you say "go on then" . Gradually increase the time.

Drop It -
Drop is VERY important. Imagine if your dog had a cat, or another animal or something important? It is important to teach a dog drop. You will need a teddy or ball or toy of some kind.
give it to the dog. Let the dog play with it for a minute, then call the dog back, take the toy out of the dogs mouth and say "drop it" then throw the toy again and repeat. Throwing the toy again is important so the dog learns that giving it to you is ok, because the dog gets it back again. Although this is not always the case... I recently used this in an "emergency" cassie caught a bird... luckily she didnt hurt it, it was just a bit stunned. But drop is very important for games such as fetch.
WhyHello4 years ago
gosh I 'll have to focus on "drop it" my dog picks up so many gross things!