Hello today i'm going to show you how to make a dog wheel chair for your dog. I got this idea by searching on the internet to see ways that people can enjoy there older dogs more. I didn't really need one cause my dog is 2 but my aunts dog who is 8 now has arthritas really needs one so lets get started.

Step 1: Design

I like to work in AutoCAD, which is a CAD program allowing me to draw everything to scale and easily make changes on the computer. CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. I have my own licensed “light” version of AutoCAD.

Utilizing this program I am able to get a tracing of the dog into my drawing, and then build a cart to fit him. I of course allow for some adjustment because projects rarely fit perfectly without some fine-tuning.

My design utilizes square aluminum tubing and polycarbonate plastic plate for the main frame. I chose the larger diameter wheels because Nestle is a big dog and he also goes over terrain with bumps and obstacles sometimes. The larger diameter wheels roll over obstacles better and have some shock absorption with their pneumatic (air-filled) tires.

I use nylon webbing strap material to form a saddle, which is looped through slots in the cart’s side plates up top, and heavily padded with rubber tube covered with thick foam padding. I use buckles to allow for strap adjustment.

My new design has a cover over the padding to allow for washing and less slippage of padding on the straps.

The saddle is one of the most challenging parts of the cart for me. Like the seating system on a person’s wheelchair, it is the crucial part that comes into contact with the body and holds the dog in what should be an ideal position. As with human wheelchairs, incorrect positioning can lead to possible injury and worsening of the current condition. That’s the last thing one wants to do while trying to help a dog!

Sometimes an ill fitting cart or saddle will just be uncomfortable for the dog, resulting in disuse of the cart. I like to rely on the owner, along with my observation, as to whether the dog seems comfortable and natural in the cart. They can see the subtle signs and they know their dog better than I do.

After much cutting, drilling and running back and forth to Home Depot a few times, the cart was ready for Nestle to try it out!

<p>the picture of the guy getting ready to run track is really no help at all.</p>
<p>Hahahahah :'D</p><p>omg. Dying a little bit here. That is SO nasty! XD</p>
<p>The plans are free. The pic is symbolic of your pup being able to run again. Get over it.</p>
Back in 1982, my best friend's 8 pound poodle's spine was severed by a neighbor's dog. Although she was paralyzed from the waist back, she was in no pain. We made a little wheelchair for her by copying a photo. The hardest part was adjusting the balance for the harness. A few inches from the pivot point would either have her sitting on her hind quarters or nose. When we got it right, she could run at least as fast as before although she could not access the smallest step. Her mailman even told Patty that he would not deliver her mail if the dog was not confined to her house. When Patty explained that her poodle was 8 pounds in a wheelchair, the postmaster promised her mail would be delivered even if the dog was in the yard. <br>
Thank you for this info. My Boxer dog has recently been diagnosed with DM. We're planning to use all the info we can get to build her a wheelchair. Thanks again.
&quot;Nestle was tipping the cart over sideways as she sped around turns&quot; <br> <br>Google &quot;sport wheelchairs&quot; attach the wheels at an angle like they are on the sport style wheelchair. <br>&quot;Sport wheelchairs have large camber angles to improve stability.&quot;
My Dog Sam had a wheel chair back in 87 . I had her another 9yrs till she was 16. That little dog taught me more in my life that anything else has. K9 Karts were the manufactures, but I see a lot of places doing it now. Today I might build one because I had modified it because she was so active. She still chased squirrels, walked on the beach with me and bit the cat if she could. Tbd only thing I did different was how I took her out in the morning. I loved that dog
Like the others posts, I want to see Nestle walking around. About the design, it looks a little bit complex. Thank you for share.
<p>Can you post assembly diagrams?</p>
I like the idea of this instructable, but please post some pictures you took. I really want to see that cute puppy running around in the wheelchair you built them!<br /> <br /> <br />

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