Step 2: What You Can Feed Your Dog

Picture of What You Can Feed Your Dog
Here are some ingrediens that are safe to feed your dog and include in your treats:

-All Purpose Flour
-Baking Soda
-Baking Powder
-Bisquick or Biscuit Mix
-Brewer's Yeast
-Buckwheat Flour
-Bulgur Wheat
-Corn-Muffin Mix (if your dog tolerates corn)
-Cracked Wheat
-Desiccated Beef Liver
-Garlic Powder (if your dog can tolerate garlic)
-Graham Flour
-Kelp Powder
-Kibble Dog Food
-Oat Bran
-Oatmeal and Rolled Oats
-Pumpkin Seeds (hulls removed)
-Rice Flour
-Rye Flour
-Sesame Seeds
-Soy Flour
-Sunflower seeds (hulls removed)
-Textured Vegetable Protein
-Turbinado Sugar
-Wheat Bran
-Wheat Flakes
-Wheat Germ
-White Corn Flour
-Whole-Wheat Flour
-Yellow Cornmeal (If tollerable)
-Cheddar Cheese
-Cottage Cheese
-Milk (if tollerable)
-Goat Milk (Cow milk substitute)
-Nonfat Dry Milk
-Parmesan Cheese
-Canola Oil
-Corn Oil
-Meat Baby Food (Without MSG)
-Peanut Butter
-Vegetable Shortening
-Beef and Chicken Bullion
Civbert5 years ago
Yikes! I first thought that was the ingredients list for a dog treat recipe. Too complicated! :o ;)
mszkimmii6 years ago
my vet told me corn was bad for dogs :(
makes it hard for them to poop :D
bcclear106 years ago
my dog loves cheese;-)i gotta try the peanut butter thanks for the tips