Dogbert Plushie





Introduction: Dogbert Plushie

Dogbert is knit in the round in acrylic DK yarn. I improvised the pattern as I went along but went back and wrote up the pattern. If anyone would like to make their own Dogbert, the pattern can be found here

Since posting this pattern I've added Catbert to the Dilbert Family. You can find him here



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    Love It! Love It! Love It! Def. going to make this one for my brother - Catbert, too! Great job!

    Perfect in every way! Thank you so much. Ever since I gave away my Heathcliff I have been kicking myself. But now, thanks to you I have two new toys to take his place. You are the greatest!

    AWWWW YEAH! I'm so making these for my new brother-in-law! Thank you for finally giving me a good gift idea XD!

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    You're welcome! I hope it works out well for you. Let me know if you find any mistakes/omissions

    This is great! It would be awesome if you could create a pdf of the instructions you made and include that for easy downloading and printing!

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    Being pretty incompetent when it comes to the internet means it's a miracle that I was able to link the pattern at all. It could be a long time before I figure out how to deal with pdf